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Dimitris, Roma, ITA, 2 months ago

Hey guys.
Some friends will visit me next week and we want to organize a one-day bike trip somewhere around Rome (Lazio area). We are looking for a nice bike-route in nature. Do you have some recommendations?

Lily Müller , Berlin, DEU, 6 days ago

Hey guys,

I have a question that is a little bit off topic, but I though since you are talking about biking in Rome, you might have an answer.
My boyfriend and me, we will fly into Rome on the 27th of September. We want to travel south Italy by bike. We will take our bikes on the plane in big boxes and need to leave them somewhere during our travles (We fly back on the 12th of Oct.) Did you also fly with your bike? Do you know any place we could leave the boxes at during the time of our trip? Any help/tip/recommendation is greatly appreciated!


Davide De Rosa , Rome, ITA, about 1 month ago

Rieti, Lago del Turano, Monti Simbruini, Altipiani di Arcinazzo, Tagliacozzo, Gran Sasso...

Antonino R , Rome, ITA, 2 months ago

appia antica dimitris

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Dana Cekstere, Riga, LVA, 2 months ago

need local advice...
Is it better to book Colosseum Tickets online or in June (sunday) there is no so many people and long ques?

Thanks in advance!

Simone A , Roma, ITA, 2 months ago

the entry is free for colosseo and many other places only on the first Sunday of every month.

Lorenzo Petrone , Roma, ITA, 2 months ago

Hi Dana,

the most important thing is not to book any gatherers outside of it offering the skip the line, making prices much higher. Price is 12 €, so whoever is asking you for a higher price, he's clearly cheating. Honestly I don't think you will need to reserve online.


Gianluca NC , Rome, ITA, about 1 month ago

hi is better if u buy the tickets online so u can skip the never ending line at the entrance
if u are here for few days check the ROMAPASS too

ciao =)

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Matthew Mitsui, New Brunswick, USA, 2 months ago

A friend and I are looking for a place to do Lindy Hop or Salsa dance. Neither of us are fluent in Italian. (I'm not sure about her, but I only know enough key phrases to make my way around.) We'll be touring on July 14th. Any tips would be extremely helpful! :)

Elisa Marino , Rome, ITA, 2 months ago

I suggest to enjoy the event at Splendor: they are a really nice band and when the space indoor is not enough cause too many dancer, we use to dance outdoor in the street :-)

BERUCRI , Glasgow, GBR, 2 months ago

Hi, I used to dance Lindy-Hop when I was living in Rome. Try to find Swing-O-Roma on line and see if there's anything planned by them, dances or outings or workshops.
Enjoy Rome!

Irene Pepiciello , Rome, ITA, 2 months ago

Hi Matthew!

As for lindy in Roma, there's a very nice band playing on the 14th:

Also the dj set afterwards will be a good one.
Location is very central and the entrance is free.


Laura Saldana, Milwaukee, USA, 2 months ago

Hello :)

Does anyone know where I can print my boarding pass for Ryan air without it costing like 10€ ? Also if anyone knows any good second hand stores please share!

Thanks for either recommendations,

carla Galindez , Roma, ITA, 16 days ago

I saw two days ago Humana on via tiburtina 352, but there is another one on Via Cavour, 102

Marco Di G , Rome, ITA, 2 months ago

to print the ticket u can go around termini station, it's full of call centers and they also have printers there, it should cost 290 cents.

about the second hand shops go to monti area, cavour metro b stop, therte are several second hand shops, the most famous are "pifebo" on via dei serpenti and "king size" on via urbana

Laura Saldana , Milwaukee, USA, 2 months ago

Thanks marco! That sounds awesome and I shall take your advise!

Inna Makienko, , UKR, 27 days ago

Igor Schiaroli , Rome, ITA, 21 days ago

going ariund with romans m eating street traditional food , in the historic districts of teh eternal have to admire the historical hidden places more and together with the most popular places with a lot pof people tourists ...

Maurizio Picone , Fiumicino, ITA, 25 days ago