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Weronika Malwina, Piaseczno, POL, about 2 months ago

Could You tell me What is called the cheapest chain od food stores on Prague / Czech ?

Vlasta Ticha , Prague, CZE, about 2 months ago

go to Lidl, good quality for good prices and widespread...

Adam & Eve Prague , , CZE, about 2 months ago

store Lidl :-)

Daniel Anzures , Prague, CZE, about 2 months ago

Lidl, Tesco, Kaufland, Bila

just J., Warsaw, POL, 3 months ago


We'll be arriving to Prague Florenc Bus Station on Saturday at 6:30 in the morning and we have the flight at 13:50. While waiting we would love to have good coffee and breakfast (and well, yeah, some good Czech beer too :D).
Could you please advice if there is any nice places around Florenc that would be open so early in the morning?

Also, what is the best way to get to the airport from there? Or how much should the taxi be +/- (we are 4, so might be worth it)?

Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

MAGANJAY , Cambridge, CAN, 3 months ago

Walk from Florenc to Muzeum and have breakfast there on Vaclavske nam. (Wenceslas sq.) Then take Muzeum metro line A (green line) and get off at station Nadrazi Veleslavin and take the airport bus number 119. You need only 24 tickets each. Before you have your breakfast, see if you can buy Metro tickets at the Newspaper stand or window downstairs in Metro if you don't have any Czech coins. I would not trust taxi driver, especially if you are a foreigner. They are proven, thieves.

Shenali , Prague, CZE, 3 months ago

Hello :) from Florenc, it would be 600 crowns maximum for a taxi ride to the airport. And a transport ticket is 24 crowns each, so it is upto you which you see more worthwhile.
The public transport is really good and gets you straight to the terminal. From florenc you can take metro line C to Hlavni nadrazi and then bus AE straight to the terminal. It will take you 30 mins.
Or metro line C (red line) to Muzeum and then change to metro line A (green line) and get off at station Nadrazi Veleslavin and take the airport bus number 119.
All of this just comes under the transport pass for 24 crowns

just J. , Warsaw, POL, 3 months ago

Thanks a lot Alex :)

Anyone knows anythign open around 6:30 already?

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Bulent Ozturk, Ankara, TUR, 3 months ago

This question must have been asked many times already. However I couldnt find it although I searched the discussions section for few pages. Sorry for repetition.

How should I exchange Euros? I understand that street is risky. Any shops that you can recommend? Or any machines or banks?

Milton J. , Prague, CZE, 3 months ago

i suggest you the Alfa Prague. After leaving the main entrance of Paladium (shopping mall), turn right 10 steps and you will see it. Its the best exchange rate. Dont go to western union (in front of Paladium, its a big trap)

Jana Ecksteinová , Prague, CZE, 2 months ago

This video is very useful:

Bulent Ozturk , Ankara, TUR, 3 months ago

Ah, I forgot to thank you, man!

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Kasia Pająk, Kraków, POL, 3 months ago

Hey everyone!

Me and my best friend are going to Prague this weekend. Could you advise me where to go out in the evening and where to eat to try something Czech but not too expensive at the same time? Could you also reccommend some places which are worth visiting but not very popular among tourists?

Thanks :D

Luis Rodriguez , Prague, CZE, 3 months ago

Hey Kasia,

If you want to try different types of Czech Beer, you should try The Beer Museum, they even give you a menu of only beer hahaha and it's not expensive at all....I recommend you the one in Namesti Miru, it's like 10min from the center, there's another one in the very center but it's too crowded and not as local as the one in Namesti eat Czech food you can try a place called "Lokal" there are a few of them in all Prague and it's not expensive.... For visiting, you can try the John Lennon Wall, that's touristic but it's worth it, you can also try the Metronome in Letna park, Petrin Tower, Riegrovy Sady Park, you will be able to see all Prague from these three places that I just mentioned you, Stormovka park is also worth visiting..... Well, that's what I can tell you, I've been living here for a few months now and I love it!!! ;) Unfortunatelly I wont be in Prague since I will be travelling to Switzerland, but if there's anything else I can help let me know.


Andrea Mambrini , Kraków, POL, 3 months ago

Lokal is good for food, but beer is just Pilsner Urquel. Also you need to reserve a table in advance because it is always really crowded.

You can find good traditional beer/food places in Zizkov. For example Hostinec U Vodoucha has both a good selection of local beers and local food for cheap prices (~100CZK for food and ~35czk for beer).

Another place with a good selection of local beers is U Slovanské Lípy
but I never had food there.

Ivan Minchev , Prague, CZE, 29 days ago

my favorite is Kozel 11... you can explore good place and good beer for good price, near to metrostation Karlovo namesti. Bar Cekarna.
Also my favorite bar is Vzorkovna, close to tram station Narodni divadlo. There is possible to have Unecitke pivo 10,12 and Special (little bit expensive) Budvar 11...
The best place with a lot kind of beer and not just czech,,.. is bar Pivni rozmanitosti, close to tram stop Biskupcova.
Also nice with different kinds of beer is restaurant Zly casi.. close to tram stop Namesti Bratrisynku.

If you want to join me for beers anywhere, just contact me :)


Guillermo BA, València, ESP, about 1 month ago

In Spain it’s a tradition for the last year University students to go on a trip all together, being Riviera Maya, Tunisia or Punta Cana some of the favourite destinations. We call it “viaje de fin de Grado”. It’s an about one week trip, before the final exams, with a budget of about 1000€/pp. Do you do something similar in the Czech Republic? At Uni or only at high school? I’ve found that in some countries they don’t do anything at all, while in others a “gap-year” trip is more popular. In some others they do so, but only after high school graduation. Thank you very much for the responses!

  • final year trip

Kate Marešová , Prague, CZE, about 1 month ago

I don't know anyone in Czech republic who would do that. It's definitely not a tradition. More common is travelling during summer holiday because Uni students usually have really long holiday.

Guillermo BA , València, ESP, about 1 month ago

Thank you for the answers!

Jakub Zahumensky , Prague, CZE, about 1 month ago

I have never heard of this before. The Czech students just pack their stuff whenever they want and go - alone, in pairs, sometimes in small groups. But it's definitely not a tradition.