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There are 25 questions in Bucharest, Romania

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Brina Stančič, Ljubljana, SVN, 2 months ago


I would like to visit Transfagarasan road and lake Balea, but it seems to be impossible to do it by public transport...

Do you have any suggestions what is the easiest way to do it? Or even better, is someone renting a car and has a free seat?

Thanks for all the replies :)

Radu Vucea , București, ROU, 2 months ago

Hi Brina,

You can try https://www.blablacar.ro/, a ride sharing service. There are a lot of people offering seats from Bucharest to Sibiu and I'm sure you can discuss the route, which can go through Transfagarasan.

Best regards,

Mohsin , Dubai, ARE, 2 months ago

I planned it and forgot to bring my drivers license in the end :-/...

Davide Ruiu , Oristano, ITA, 2 months ago

I think the best option is renting a car from Sibiu...

8 total anwers to this question

Christian Amaya, Córdoba, ARG, 2 months ago

Hello people, I ll be in Bucharest in late February...

Can anybody tell me which is the best (price/time relation) way to get from Budapest to Bucharest and from Bucharest to Istanbul ?

Any advice is welcome

Thanks a lot!

Adriana Mirea , Bremen, DEU, about 2 months ago

For Bucharest to Budapest you can try Wizzair from 129 ron (I used them from Germany to Romania, they're fine), and Ryanair to Istanbul. Both are low cost airlines.

Corneliu , Bucharest, ROU, 25 days ago

Hi, you can also try blablacar.com and take a shared ride.

sems Sonmez , Bucharest, ROU, 2 months ago

From bucharest to istanbul by plane would be good choice. By train it will be hard because of train railways are renewing and by bus will be 10 hours and u dont wanna be in istanbul at 3 am in february. For flight schedule flypgs.com or check it on skyscanner.com Enjoy ur trip

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Ankit Sharma, Bucharest, ROU, 2 months ago

Salut Friends,

I have learned Salsa before, I want to continue from where I left :) and try new Dance styles.

Could anyone please Advise some decent institutions ?


Alex M , Bucharest, ROU, 22 days ago


You can try Salsa Factory http://www.salsafactory.ro/
They have very good instructors of salsa, bachata, kizomba and zouk

Dumitriu Daniela , Bucharest, ROU, about 2 months ago

I recommend ConSabor for latin dance ; ull find them on net.

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Mohamad Alalwi, Budapest, HUN, 2 months ago

Hey guys :)
May someone tell me the multiple options for going to the airport ( bust , taxi etc ) and how much for each one

Raluca Teodor , București, ROU, 2 months ago

Bus (780 from the train station or 783 from the city center) it's about 2 euro, that includes a 2 trip card. By taxi (the regular ones, if they put the meter on) it should be around 8 euro from the center but the driver could try to ask for more (like 11-12). Subway costs approx. 1 euro/ 2 trips and you can take it till Aviatorilor, then pick the bus, depending on where you're coming from.

Reea H , , ROU, 2 months ago

By bus from Railway station ("gara de nord'') to airoport is aprox 2-3 euro I think , used to be bus nr 780 , hope I m not wrong

2 total anwers to this question

Michelle Bardosch, Ulm, DEU, about 1 month ago

  • outdoor activities

TravellingHob , București, ROU, 28 days ago

Hi there Michelle! You can rent bikes from http://www.ivelo.ro and it is something like 3-4 euro for 24 hours. You can book the bike online and afterwards choose any of the three centers from where you can get the bike.

Michelle Bardosch , Ulm, DEU, about 1 month ago

hey i am looking for someone or a company who would rent me his her a bike for september?