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There are 15 questions in Izmir, Turkey

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Martin Akar, Berlin, DEU, 3 months ago

Dear people.

I am checking for an opportunity to study Turkish in Izmir for maybe two or three weeks. So are there any suggestions for language school or 1:1 teachers? I would say I have already a A2 or B1 level. I can understand, but need to practice my speaking. Honestly, I am not much into studying grammar or studybook (only as a support) but want to talk.

So if you know how to help me, I look forward hearing from you.

Thank you!

jack-the-yoghurt , Hangzhou, CHN, 3 months ago

There are some Turkish Language Schools, this is one of them;
If you are working for a company in Turkey (a company from your country), they will probably cover the costs, so go and apply for one of them.

If you are not working here and not planning to spend money, you better;
* Study text books, especially grammar and use it outside
* Find a Turkish girlfriend
* Make some new local friends

You can also organize some events to meet with locals.
It can be a good way to meet new friends and practice your A2-B1 level Turkish.

Good luck

muhammed ali Sain , , TUR, 3 months ago

Hey Martin, I am ali. I am not teacher but I can help you for learning Turkish. I had tandem experience in Germany before.

Necmiye Necmiye , İzmir, TUR, 3 months ago

Hi Martin :) I know a course ,it is http://www.hacettepeacademy.com/ . I am not sure it is good ot bad course, just check it :)

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Corinna van den Bruck, Bielefeld, DEU, 3 months ago

Hey ho :)

I am an Erasmusstuden from Germany and I am looking for a sailing course in Izmir. Did someone knows where I can finde a Sailing school or something similar?
I would be happy about your news :)
Best wishes! :)

TC Onur Pehlivanoğlu , Izmir, TUR, 3 months ago

Hi if u want to sailing with sailing yatch U can look for ""izmir yelken academisi""on facebook or their webside..or if u want to use smaller sailboat like laser or somethinglike this u can search for "karsiyaka yelken klübü" have a good luck...

Aslı Kaya , Izmir, TUR, 29 days ago

Some universities have their own sailing clubs, better to check yours. So, u can get cheaper, even free sailing courses.

EMRE POYRAZ , Izmir, TUR, about 1 month ago

Dear Corinna,

This sailing school may help you . http://www.lemonsailing.com/



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Anna Marquer, Istanbul, TUR, 3 months ago


The weekend of April 1st-2nd, Balfolk İstanbul goes to Izmir!

During two days, we will enjoy the Balfolk dances with a three-hour workshop on Friday and a concert-ball on Saturday with Deli Reçel, the first band playing this kind of music in Turkey. Come! these dances are very easy to learn and for sure you will have fun!!!

Balfolk dances include several traditional dances from various European regions and countries like Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden and so on. There are group fun dances like Chapelloise or Circassian Circle, couple fast dances like Scottish or Bourrée and also romantic dances like Mazurka or Waltz. And many more!

The link of the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1010947805647248/

And to have an idea of the kind of music and dances, watch this video from one of the parties!

Raif Gürkan , Izmir, TUR, 3 months ago

I will join looks enjoying !

Anna Marquer , Istanbul, TUR, 3 months ago

Hi Raif!

Sure, it's enjoying, hehe!

See you soon, then!

Umut çetin , Izmir, TUR, 3 months ago

Can you give information about the place?

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masoumeh Ojaghloo, Tehran, IRN, 3 months ago

My friend and i are coming next week there .we are looking for some interesting places also good shopping centers. could you give us some advice.

Bilgehan Karaca , İzmir, TUR, 2 months ago

Hello Masoumeh,
There are many historical sights in İzmir. This is a large city with almost 5-million population and five thousand years of history. It's better to advice according to your travel plans. Do you want to stay only in the city center? Or are you keen on a trip through the outer parts of the province? Do you plan a beach holiday, too? I guess I can be way more helpful with these information :)

Farhat Rahimov , İzmir, TUR, 3 months ago

Hi Masoumeh!
Regarding shopping, there are a lot of options, here some: Optimum Outlet near ESBAS izban/metro station - many brands with reasonable prices; Forum Bornova near IKEA - prices could be considered above average, but also diverse brands; YKM in Konak - lots of brands for classical outfits, also it is near historical Kemeralti bazaar, which makes it convenient.
Regarding historical places, in the city there are historical lift Asansor and Agora, these places comes to mind first. The are well-known antique town Efes outside the city, but I really don't recommend you to go there during daytime, since it has open air location.
Have a nice trip!

Lulu Taylor, Yanıklar Köyü, TUR, 3 months ago

Hi, I will be up in Izmir this Friday till Sunday and am hoping to find some nice markets. Can anyone advise where is good to go? I would like to buy material to make a bed cover and I am also very interested in cooking and need some imported ingredients as well as a kitchen thermometer (for making cheese). Anyone got any clues where I can buy these things?

Many thanks in advance

Mustafa uğur , , TUR, 3 months ago

Sorry i am late