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NowayNorway, Suldal, NOR, 2 months ago

Hi, is it really 48 e boat both ways or i am just a stupid tourist?
What is the best way for you locals to cross to Finland and back?

Kal Sydney , Tallinn, EST, 2 months ago

Hey, to my knowledge the return tickets are normally 40+ euros by ferry.
Good place to buy tickets : https://laevapiletid.ee/en

NowayNorway , Suldal, NOR, 2 months ago

Is it like in Norway, if you open profile on their page you have few euros discount?

Mike Cassar , Crawley, GBR, 2 months ago

Hi, depends when you want to travel... I'm looking at moment and it's 36/25 euro

That's on viking

Paco T., Madrid, ESP, 2 months ago


This is Paco from Madrid. I´ll be in Tallin between 7th-12th July.

I would like to get some advices about nightlife, could you tell me any cool night clubs?
Is it expensive to go out in Tallinn night?

Is there any salsa club or latin music club?

Of course, if anyone wants to join me is wellcome!


JETTEF , Tallinn, EST, 24 days ago

For latin music and opportunity to dance, definitely try Cubanita Live Cafe. Tuesdays is cuban salsa music, wednesdays is LA salsa, thursday is kizomba/bachata music.

Evelin , Tallinn, EST, 2 months ago


Baila and Cubanita for kind of salsa/latin music.

Paco T. , Madrid, ESP, 2 months ago

Hi Evelin!

Thanks for your response :D

Do you know if it´s salsa party every night in these places or just some specific nights?

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Benoit Porlier, Hamburg, DEU, 2 months ago

Hey fellows!

I m here some few days and i d like to know some Vegan restaurants/places.

Any idea?

If up to hang out i m motivated also.

Thanks! :-)

Irma Kylaviir , Tallinn, EST, 2 months ago

But! Best if you reserve a table to Restoran V, it's seriously always packed!

Piia Ots , Tallinn, EST, 2 months ago

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Yulia Osipova, Saint Petersburg, RUS, 2 months ago

Hello! Does anybody knows where the Ryanair airport situated in Tallinn??? And to get to there from the city center ?! Thank you for any help in advance!

Leelo . , Tallinn, EST, 2 months ago

Hi! It is very easy: by bus nr.2 Lennujaam (airport) - A. Laikmaa (city center) only 15 min.

Sander Hallikas , Tallinn, EST, 2 months ago

yea ryanair airport is the only airport in tallinn

Dmitri Don , Tallinn, EST, 2 months ago

You can use Google Maps to get direction from place you will be, here is our the only airport:

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Jose Ojeda, Tallinn, EST, 2 months ago

Hi any estonian cloth brand? I need to buy clothes for the fall/winter I'm moving to tallinn from a tropical country

any links would be appreciated

Tonis Valing , Tallinn, EST, 2 months ago

Some ideas you can find here: http://www.baltikagroup.com/brands/
But if you want proper very warm clothes then turn to camping/hiking stores like: Matkasport, Matkamaailm
Depending on weather the best way is to use layers of clothes http://theplanetd.com/layering-tips-for-cold-weather-travel/