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There are 17 questions in Minsk, Belarus

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nota bene, Budapest, HUN, 2 months ago

hey fellows,

could anyone recommend a nice bar somewhere around the center (neither a club nor a restaurant)? thanks a lot for the suggestions in advance!!

Ольга Ермак , Minsk, BLR, 21 days ago

vulica Hikaly 5

Ivan Loukin , Minsk, BLR, about 2 months ago

Svobody 4

All in minsk centre, near Nemiga


Al Peter Alphox , Minsk, BLR, 2 months ago

TNT For girls..?..

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Agata Płońska, Nicosia, CYP, 2 months ago

Hey you, Minsk People! :)

Can you give me an insider info on the prices of the rent in Minsk? (one room, cheapest possible, long term)

Thank you a lot in advance!!

Tatiana Zaritskaya , Minsk, BLR, about 2 months ago

May be I could rent out my room.
If u r interested - then let me know in private msg

Agatha Burdonova , Minsk, BLR, 2 months ago

Hi there =) Well, everything depends on the condition of the apartment and on its location. =)
You can find a very simple one-bedroom apartment for $120-130.
If you need just a room, not the whole apartment, you can find a place around $50-60 per month.
Of course, if you don't use the help of real estate agent. =)

jan Alons , Minsk, BLR, 2 months ago

One room will be around $65 not cheaper. We were just before involved in the search for my brother in law and found for him one room for $65 Be aware that the prices for "foreigners" will turn out considerably higher than what Agatha proposes (15 % more ) and one month needs in general to be paid in advance.
Good luck with your search Agata

Arnold Góralski, Minsk, BLR, 2 months ago

I am interested in taking russian language course in Minsk. Anyone knows a good and inexpensive school and the prices? Any recommendations?

Sviatlana Shykhava , Minsk, BLR, 2 months ago

I know that recently a course of russian language has started in Pushkin library , Minsk, Gicalo street, 4 , it is near to metro station Yakuba Kolasa, behind TSUM store (ЦУМ). This course is organised by community of voluntaries and it is free. But it cannot be called intensive, this course could be as a complementary to some intensive course, but may be it will be useful to you. The classes pass by Sundays at 16.00 h, on the 3rd floor of the library.

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Antonio Golpe Montero, Vilnius, LTU, 2 months ago

Hello everyone!!
Me and a some other Spanish will be visiting Minsk this weekend, me and other friend have already been in Minsk and as the weather will be good (at least it's what forecast says!XD) we want to visit a lake or some place to rest and swim!!!
In Lithuania the people go to the lakes that are close to the city, where Minsk citizens go??:D
Maybe someone want to join us, or we can join him/her and his/her friends! :)

Aleh Haponenka , Minsk, BLR, about 2 months ago

Minsk Sea (Minskaye Mora, Мінскае мора) by suburban trains from Minsk Railway station(Minsk-Passazhirsky) -http://goo.gl/IMQ9Xq

another option is Cnianskaje vadaschovišča https://goo.gl/maps/kcVyvzRUwzP2
and this one Voŭčkavickaje vadaschovišča https://goo.gl/maps/LpoG6E2Fd2G2 (also by suburban train from Minsk Railway station and from Minsk-Instytut Kultury ( http://goo.gl/QLju9k ) or by bus "Minsk-Stankava", "Minsk-Fanipal", "Minsk -Dzyarzhynsk" ask driver for stop on "village Volkovichi" or "cafe Ptich"

Verasen Verasen , Minsk, BLR, 2 months ago

Hi, Antonio! Near Minsk we have Minsk Sea (Minskaye Mora, Мінскае мора) -- the big lake near city. hope you will enjoy it

Antonio Golpe Montero , Vilnius, LTU, 2 months ago

Thank you man!!And is it possible to get there by public transportation???

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J Mitchell, , USA, 2 months ago


I am planning to visit Belarus this June and wil be starting my trip in 2 weeks and planning to arrive overland to Belarus from Poland and leave overland to Russia. I already have a 3 year multiple entry Russian visa but I am wondering if I will need an invitation letter to visit Belarus. If anyone has information or is willing to assist me with a letter of invitation I would be very grateful.


Vitali Ivasenka , Minsk, BLR, 2 months ago

Hi Jason,

Unfortunately, you'll still need to have a Belarusian visa to enter the country.


Ivetta Trakhimchik , Minsk, BLR, 2 months ago

Hi J
I know a travel agency that can give you an official invitation for visa and touristic vaucher for 20 $
To open visa in Bearus you should apply for it in Embassy of Belarus in your country or, if there is no Embassy of Belarus, you can get in in our airport...
Not so easy, yeh?)

J Mitchell , , USA, 2 months ago

Is it not possible to apply for Belarus visa overseas? Do you need specific dates? The issue for me is applying here in US i would have no idea exactly when I would arrive to Belarus. I was hoping to just apply in Poland or Lithuania while traveling. I appreciate all the responses from everyone. I would like to avoid using a travel agency for the invite letter if possible.