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There are 46 questions in Kyiv, Ukraine

Yiğit Tok, Turku, FIN, about 1 month ago

  • internet
  • computers
  • libraries

Dmitriy Krakovich , Kyiv, UKR, about 1 month ago

I guess you're looking for a place with computers connected to Internet. Try this 24-hours open place with lots of stations, next to Lva Tolstogo subway station: (map:

Alla Klischa , Kyiv, UKR, about 1 month ago

Hi, there is the coworking zone and a library with internet access called Botan and by the way it's free of charge.

Artem Komarov , Kyiv, UKR, about 1 month ago

Center has free public wifi. At least Khreshatyk and Maidan.

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DIEGOMETZ, Córdoba, ARG, 2 months ago


I was wondering if you know of a store where I could buy some computer accessories, such as sd, micro sd memory cards, external dvd burner, maybe a laptop, etc.

All I've found are small shops here and there, but nothing like mmmm, say Saturn or Media Markt


Thank you!!!!

Maria Schetynska , Roma, ITA, 2 months ago

Did you go to Fokstrot shops?

DIEGOMETZ , Córdoba, ARG, 2 months ago

Nope. Never heard of them. Is there one of them downtown?

Alexey Murzin , , UKR, 2 months ago

I reccommend COMFY, Moyo, Foxtrot (Фокстрот), Eldorado (Эльдорадо). Can find their locations on Fsq:

Guillermo BA, València, ESP, 17 days ago

In Spain it’s a tradition for the last year University students to go on a trip all together, being Riviera Maya, Tunisia or Punta Cana some of the favourite destinations. We call it “viaje de fin de Grado”. It’s an about one week trip, before the final exams, with a budget of about 1000€/pp. Do you do something similar in Ukraine? At Uni or only at high school? I’ve found that in some countries they don’t do anything at all, while in others a “gap-year” trip is more popular. In some others they do so, but only after high school graduation. Thank you very much for the responses!

  • final year trip

Guillermo BA , València, ESP, 12 days ago

Thank you for your responses!

Oleksandr Finchuk , , UKR, 13 days ago

Nothing similar, unfortunately. But I would like to have.

Vlad , Kyiv, UKR, 14 days ago

No, there is nothing like that in Ukraine.

Daniele Zanotti, Bologna, ITA, 2 months ago

Hey guys I need to know if in Kiev there is a market or a mall where I can buy shoes avoiding the expensive prices of the centre. In Lviv I was in an outdoor market where I saw adidas, nike, reebook ecc. for 600/800 hrv, is there something similar in Kiev?

Iryna Iryna , , , 2 months ago

Hi Daniele, i'm not sure ab such pricess....but 1000+ you can find stock sports Mall Plazma on metrostation the way there also you can see a outdoor market, but u wasn't there long time and dunno ab prices;)
P.S. Better to invite with you Ukrainian speaking friend for shopping if you want low price hhh;-)

Daniele Zanotti , Bologna, ITA, 2 months ago

Ok, thank you. So which is the biggest outdoor market for clothes?

Denis Davydov , Kyiv, UKR, 2 months ago

Beware that brand shoes for 600-800 in outdoor market are most probably fake. Try Plazma, you can find good discounts there.

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VinodMorsa, Hyderabad, IND, 2 months ago

I have planned my travel to kiev. I would be staying with a friend. Since i cannot speak Ukranian/Russian I would like to go around without being dependent on my friend, Taxi's or public transport. I am good with Maps and remembering routes.

Here is my question : Can i rent a decent hybrid road bike for duration of 10 days. Any shops renting out cycles for longer duration. What should i expect to pay if any ?


Viktor Glowacki , Kyiv, UKR, about 2 months ago they have the biggest net in Kyiv)

Lyuda Krasnytska , , UKR, 2 months ago


I know of at least two place where you can rent a bike for 7 days. But I'm sure it'd be possible to arrange it for 10 days if you talked to them. Unfortunately, their websites are only in Russian: and Maybe your friend could help you with it if they speak the language. I've never rented bikes from them, so I can't really tell you anything about these companies.


VinodMorsa , Hyderabad, IND, 2 months ago

Thank you Lyuda. This helps me.

Is there any city cycling routes map ?