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There are 27 questions in Riga, Latvia

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Olga Shishuk, Minsk, BLR, 2 months ago

Hi) My boyfriend and I visit Riga 15-17 Apr. We have a goal - spent no more than 100euro for our trip. Please advise a local place for cheap dinner with national dishes.

Thank you)

Liga , Riga, LVA, 2 months ago

If you want traditional food check out Ala Folkclub during daytime. But if you want tasty but cheap french fries, burgers, salds, pastas or something like that then ''Ezitis'' is a nice place for that. There are two ''Ezitis'' in the old town and the one located in Aldaru street 12/14 is the nicest one.

Roberts Paozolis , , LVA, 2 months ago

Need to try national Beer - Užavas, Tērvetes, Valmiermuižas, Bauskas, Piebalgas, cost from 0,80-1,40eur per bottle. (do not try others)
For national food, definitely need to try LIDO, it will have best price/performance, it is some kind of bistro, but anyway, meal for person will cost 4-6eur (w/o drinks).
Recommend LIDO Krasta

Philipp Baranovskiy , Minsk, BLR, 2 months ago

I as always could recommend the Kiploku Krogs :) It's my favorite pub: there you can try garlic beer, garlic ice cream and so on :)

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Nina K, Zaragoza, ESP, 2 months ago

Hello everyone :) I would like to ask if you can suggest where to buy used bicycle in Riga? (for a guy). Will be really appreciated for your answer

Marta Campos , Riga, LVA, 2 months ago

Try here: https://www.ss.lv/lv/transport/bycycles/
I bought mine there :)

Toms Vītols , Riga, LVA, 2 months ago

Matīsa iela 8 - Velodepo

Ligita , , , 2 months ago

You can also ask guys in small repair shops, than can make it for you.

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Roman Brun, Zürich, CHE, 2 months ago

Hi all,

we are going to be in Riga for a prolonged weekend.
Any advices what to do in city , good restaurants, bars and night life?


Reinis Lazda , Rīga, LVA, 2 months ago

Hello Roman! You can take a look here:

If this is not what you want, please be more specific.

Lia Sobacic , , CHE, 6 days ago

go to the art museum, i really liked it

Latvian National Museum of Art

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Milleta, Tel Aviv-Yafo, ISR, 2 months ago

hey braliukas,

im going to fly from riga's airport on early morning. i mean 5am i should by in there.
im thinking or should i find someone to stay with or to stay overnight in the airport ?? any suggestions ?
another question.. which is the best company to use taxi service ? is their uber in latvia or some app where u can call for the taxi ?
all info would appreciate

Laura Švikule , , LVA, 2 months ago

Hey, i personally always use Panda taxi and their phone number is 67 000 000. We don't have uber, but we have Taxify, which i think is something very similar, it also has an app, but i have never used it.

Elisaveta Sevastjanova , Riga, LVA, about 2 months ago

Panda taxi, they accept even fixed pices, so you do not have to pay anything extra.

Eliza Upmane , Riga, LVA, 2 months ago

Yes, Panda tai is the cheapest one, and straight away cana sk how much it will cost, and then won't have any surprises on the end point!;)

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Dmitri Korobeinikov, Birmingham, USA, 2 months ago

Hello Everyone! I need the advice what is the best place to rent a car? I know that there are small rental car operators that offer really affordable rental rates. I can drive just about anything. any advice would be appreciated! I'm arriving in Riga on the 17th of April. Also if anybody needs something from the states i could help. Best regards Dmitri

Juris Poskus , Riga, LVA, 2 months ago

Try private rentals, just look at the ads ss.lv. You can get a small car for 10-15 eur day, cheaper if you need it for a week or so. You can try to call Kaspars +37129800528, we rented a Peugeot from him for our Swiss guests lasts year, he has several cars. Good luck, Juris

Dmitri Korobeinikov , Birmingham, USA, 2 months ago

Thank you so much Juris! I do appreciate your info!