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There are 29 questions in Vilnius, Lithuania

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Stella Shabliovska, Kyiv, UKR, 2 months ago

Give an advice with cool vegetarian cafes in the centre of Vilnius :)

Greta Miciunaite , , LTU, 2 months ago

One more good place, that opened recenlty is HOLIGANS (Šopeno g. 10)
Honestly recommend you to visit, it is near the coach station. You can find there a good quality vegetarian&vegan food there, and the lunch offers are relitavely cheap.

Annemarie Walter , Vilnius, LTU, about 1 month ago

Dėvėti has amazing falafel and Mano guru is the salad place. If you're only looking for a snack you can also go for sandwiches/ cake at Chaika or try the sweet/ savory buns at Šviešios bandelės =)

Kami Strol , Vilnius, LTU, 2 months ago

Hi Stella,

It is really not bad in Vilnius with vegetarian food :)
- I really enjoy "Ajurvedine virtuve" on Saltoniškių g. 34 a. But you should consider that they are mainly working during the day time and they are closed on Sundays: I-V 11-20; VI 11-20.
The following places are in the old town:
- Gyvas Baras is a vegan restaurant (Odminiu g. 15). There should be some comments about it both at Trip Adviser and Happy Cow.
- Radharane (Gedimino pr. 32). I am not sure if they are still serving this, but previously they offered a modified version of traditional Lithuanian dish - cepelinai. Usually that contains meat and at this place you can choose the same dish with soya meat.
- Vegafe (Totorių g. 3) and Balti Drambliai (Vilniaus g. 41). Those are also quite good:)
- perfect place to have a dessert here.

You can also find some vegan/vegetarian friendly places here:

Have a delishious satying! :)

8 total anwers to this question

Jomante Kvietkauskaite, Vilnius, LTU, 2 months ago

Hi! maybe someone would like to dance salsa tonight? I'm planning to go to latin party in Pabo Latino or Que pasa. Join!
best wishes, Jomante ;)

Vishal Meena , Vilnius, LTU, 2 months ago

hey Jomante :) what's up I also like salsa dance. we can go to this place
I have been there everything is great the music the energy let me know if you are interested
my name is Vishal
Whatsapp +37060933213

Piero RM , Gatineau, CAN, 2 months ago

I arrive to Vilnius on Friday and am crazy fan of latin dancing :)

Jomante Kvietkauskaite , Vilnius, LTU, 2 months ago

Hi guys! I know that places :) Thank you! I thought, maybe where is some extra latin parties in the city. Anyway I will go there. Not sure or tomorrow or Saturday! have fun ;)

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Sergei Podymakhin, Minsk, BLR, 2 months ago

If the plane departs at 7.00, which would be better, sleep in the airport or arrive in the airport at 6.00 by the first train? Wouldn't it be too late?

Carlos Porras , Vilnius, LTU, 2 months ago

If you just carry a hand bag, you can take the train. But anyway I would sleep in the airport ;)
Have a safe flight!

Karolis Jimbo , Vilnius, LTU, 2 months ago

Definitely sleep in the airport:) because customs and other formalities can take a while:)

Ann , Brussels, BEL, 2 months ago

About 2 years ago a taxi from Ausros vartu (the Gates) was 5-6 € if you order it by call. Don't know how is it now.

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Ilker Karabulut, Adana, TUR, 2 months ago

Hi Vilnius
i d like to get some advice about Jewelery Shops . I should buy a ring for wedding anniversary . Where can i find it without a tourist scam ?
Thanks .

Saule Vidziene , Vilnius, LTU, 2 months ago

Big shopping centres like Akropolis, panorama, europa, ozas usually have several jewelry shops. And they declare often sales with discounts up to 50%. If not, ask anyway. Good luck😊

Kristina Apulskyte , Vilnius, LTU, 2 months ago

If I had to, I'd totally choose YURGA JEWELRY HOUSE - I bet you will also fall in love with her art ;)

Rasa Ilgine , Vilnius, LTU, 2 months ago

Aukso avis in Pilies street- artists handmade jewelry. Slso beautiful jewelry you can find in Av17 gallery

4 total anwers to this question

Jad Eid, Beirut, LBN, 2 months ago

Hi guys,

I have a friend visiting Vilnius Uni for one semester and she is having a hard time finding a decent apartment to stay in.

Her budget is 400 euros. Please advise if you have any ideas/websites ...

Thanks :)

Joana , Vilnius, LTU, 2 months ago

Dear Jad, I work with apartments, basically for shorter time. If you are interested you can contact me and I can suggest somethink.