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There are 39 questions in Helsinki, Finland

Vic, Puerto Vallarta, MEX, 2 months ago

Anyone care to share some info on that?

Vilma Vantola , Helsinki, FIN, about 2 months ago

Sandro and Soi Soi are my favorite veggie places! Someone already said Fafa's ;) There are many veggie restaurants in Kallio, especially on street Vaasankatu.

Jaakko Blomberg , Helsinki, FIN, about 1 month ago

We opened a vegan grill kiosk (the first one in Finland) last Thursday. It's situated close to the National Museum, only a few hundred meters from the central railway station. More information here: – Jaakko Blomberg , Helsinki, FIN, less than a minute ago Edit

Mika Rantanen , Helsinki, FIN, 2 months ago

It's not pure veggy but fast food Fafa's in more locations in city has many sided alternatives in below 10€ range. Restaurant type of portions might be 15-20€ except work days lunch about 10€. There are at least some veggie restaurants in Hakaniemi/Sörnäinen/Kallio areas in addition central offer. Lunch time 11-2pm is Most priceworthy time or day (Mon-Fri).

Lucija Golouh, Celje, SVN, 2 months ago

Hii :) can anyone recommend me good place for clubbing where people dance salsa, bachata, zouk?
maybe something for today evening? :D however I would be happy to know any place with or without classes that is very nice and happy to be there :D
Thank you :DD

Rishi , Helsinki, FIN, 2 months ago

Try this place for tonight . Otherwise you can go to Uggla every monday and they have classes before the party starts :)

Lucija Golouh , Celje, SVN, 2 months ago

Thank you so much!
Btw do you think for today is ok if I go alone or people or malt go with a partner?

Konstantin Kallio , Helsinki, FIN, 2 months ago

In woolshed they have free Casa Latina events with sometimes live music.

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Yulia Drozhzheva, Moscow, RUS, 2 months ago

Any advise on the places where to eat (not expensive) in Helsinki?
Where can I find traditional Finnish food maybe? :)
Thank you,

Paula Valtonen , Helsinki, FIN, 26 days ago

Restaurant Kuu on Töölönkatu is an old Finnish restaurant, who serve excellent Finnish food for example reindeer meat and salmonsoup. It is not very cheap, but when comparing to the quality of the food it is. The atmosphere is really nice and warm too. It's good to call and reserve a table if you're having dinner, the place is usually crowded!
Another nice place is Sandro. They serve Maroccon style food and the portions are huge! Young people love these restaurants so they can be pretty full aswell, so book a table! There are 2 of these restaurants, one in Kallio, one in Eira.

Ravintola Kuu
Eiran Sandro

Stefano P , Helsinki, FIN, about 2 months ago

To try pretty much most of the typical Finnish foods, the best place is Konstan Möljä restaurant.
They have an all-day huge buffet for a quite cheap price (19e). You can try Carelian pies, braised reindeer, smoked salmon, herrings, etc.

Ravintola Konstan Möljä

Mika Rantanen , Helsinki, FIN, 2 months ago

Check lunch lists of different restaurants, they are changing weekly and are 8-10€, after lunch are higher. E g. Unicafes around center/campuses offers student meals and have manysided offer, even "outsider" prices are lower side of lunch scale. Most are open Mon-Fri. Mika

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Sasha Grechko, Minsk, BLR, 2 months ago

Hey guys!

Coming to Helsinki for the 1-st time for one day, and above all must-see places I'm looking forward to visiting any salmiakki/liquorice places (cafes, specialized shops; maybe museums or salmiakki-lovers-clubs?:) Are there any you prefer the most and would advise?
I've been keen on liquorice since childhood, but here in Belarus we don't have it in shops at all - so the future trip to the Heaven Of Salmiakki makes me really excited. :)

Thanks in advance!

Thomas Soininen , Tallinn, EST, 2 months ago

Hey Sasha,

There is in fact a liquorice and salmiakki festival, but only in the autumn (September):

Other than that you can find liquorice, salty and otherwise, in every grocery store. Also, the Fazer cafés has their take on the stuff. The organic health food store Ruohonjuuri (several locations) carries, unsuprisingly, organic liquorice. You can also buy some "pharmacist's salmiakki" from most pharmacies.

You might want to send a few lines to The Finnish Salty Liquorice Association to see if they have any better suggestions:

Unfortunately, this place doesn't exist anymore...

Still, I hope you have a great time exploring the flavors of Finnish liquorice and salmiakki!

Tuomo A. , Espoo, FIN, 2 months ago

Don't forget Salmiakki Koskenkorva - vodka tasted with salmiakki.

and salmiakki ice-cream as well.

Sasha Grechko , Minsk, BLR, 2 months ago

Thomas, thanks a lot for your detailed reply!
Oh, I heard about the Salmiakki kiosk, but didn't know the current news. :(

Tuomo, thanks for reminding about ice-cream! Is it also easy to find in a regular shop?

Matthieu LEON, Shenzhen, CHN, 24 days ago

Basically, we can either stay 1-2 days in Helsinki, or try to take a night train to Lapland (we'd land in the morning, can spend the day downtown then take the train), spend 2 days there then take night train back and fly out. But I'm afraid that this would be super short, expensive and full of tourists.
Are there places not far from Helsinki where we can have a local / nature experience that would be worth going to?
For example if there's a spot for dog sledging not far and affordable, or...?


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Tuomas Saarela , Helsinki, FIN, 20 days ago

For such a short time, just get a place in Helsinki/Espoo/Vantaa area. You can easily reach Nuuksio national park, and even inside Helsinki there are already big parks (Uutela, Keskuspuisto) for one day trip.

Nik Paro , Helsinki, FIN, 20 days ago

When are you going? I wouldn't expect there to be any dog sledding anywhere in finland for a couple months at least, looking at the average snow statistics ( ). If you want an outdoorsy experience in Lapland fairly soon, I reckon your best bet at this time of the year to be hiking, biking or rafting.

Those things you can do in beautiful places quite a lot closer to helsinki as well - there's e.g. Nuuksio National Park about an hour from central Helsinki. Then again, if you want to see Lapland, go to Lapland. I've never spent much time there tbh, but wouldn't expect there to be enough tourists to bother you.


Matthieu LEON , Shenzhen, CHN, 18 days ago

Thank you for the replies :)

I've actually booked our tickets, I'll land in Helsinki on the 15th early morning, I plan to visit the city during the day, then take a night train to Rovaniemi, spend the 16, 17 and 18th then take a night train again, spend the 19th in Helsinki (and if possible couchsurf :)) and I've a flight out on the 20th at 8:00 AM (so I might want to sleep in Vantaa, not Helsinki, right?).

How does that sound?