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  • Sat, Oct 8 at 6:00 PM EEST
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There are 7 questions in Kaunas, Lithuania

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Hakan Uzunkaya, İstanbul, TUR, 2 months ago

Hi everybody,
Im hakan from Istanbul,
this summer i want to be volunteer in Kaunas, but i think im a little late ;/
is there anybody to help me about finding a project ?

Aranta Butautaite , Klaipėda, LTU, 2 months ago

Hey! Catch this link: http://deineta.lt/ This is volunteering center in Kaunas. :] Try contact them. Good luck!

Jovita , Matuizos, LTU, 2 months ago

Hello, you can try to ask Patria, too. evs@patria.lt
http://www.patria.lt/ But it's really late.

Hakan Uzunkaya , İstanbul, TUR, 2 months ago

thank you all, yeap i also realized that it is late :/

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Journeying Monica 🌎, Stavanger, NOR, 2 months ago

Anyone who has done this route? What's the cheapest and convenient way to get to Vl? Thanks

Remigija Lumbyte , Kaunas, LTU, 2 months ago

Well....the cheapest way is hitchhiking, but it's not the most convenient.
You can choose between going straight to Vilnius by airport express bus. The ticket price is 35Lt (11 euros). Schedule is close to flight timing. The ride takes about 1 hour 30min.
Another way is getting to Kaunas center by bus nr.29. One way ticket is 2.4 Lt (aprx. 0.7 eurocents). And then getting on Vilnius bus , they go often-every 15-20min during daytime. The price is about 20Lt. (6 euros). Either train- price is aprx. 1 euro cheaper than by bus. But trains are not so frequent, maybe once an hour or so. But your total journey will extend to 3 hours. In case you, you are choosing to go this way- you don't have to go to the town center -when bus 29 enters the town get off on stop KALNIECIU TURGAVIETE. Then go on the other side of the street -there is a bus stop where intercity busses also stop. This way you can save at least 45min.
Good luck

Journeying Monica 🌎 , Stavanger, NOR, 2 months ago

Superb! Thank you so much

Rolandas Eičas , Vilnius, LTU, 2 months ago

Wauw, great answer!

4 total anwers to this question

TWINN, Frankfurt am Main, DEU, 2 months ago

Labas vakaras! :) i'm staying in Kaunas for about 6 weeks with some other people and we would like to rent bikes! can anybody recommend a good place or has a bike to give away? :) aciu!

Charles , Kaunas, LTU, about 2 months ago

We do not have litas anymore, it's euro like everywhere else. There are many stops at Laisves aleja where you can find the orange bikes. Use citybee app to get more information, it's really easy. Cheers, hope you have a good time.

Laisvės alėja

TWINN , Frankfurt am Main, DEU, 2 months ago

hellooo? nobody has an idea? i already checked the one as miskos aleija but they offered us 3 bikes for 1000Litas for 1 month and the seems pretty expensive to me :/

Tadas Vybornas , Kaunas, LTU, 2 months ago


yes it's a problem to rent bike in Kaunas.
Some hotels (babilonas.lt, Reval Hotel Neris) rent bikes. But the price is ~25-35 lt/day/bike.

You should look for private rent, or check http://www.skelbiu.lt/skelbimai/dviratis-jhm-18527350.html to by a used one for ~ 380 Lt, or http://www.skelbiu.lt/skelbimai/dviratis-everest-18606762.html 280 Lt (they give guarantee). And then take it home, try to sell or leave it as a present...

Good luck,

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Maria Teplysheva, Kaliningrad, RUS, 2 months ago

Hi, CS-folks!
We’ll come to "DDT" concert on November 30. What cozy cheerful, but intelligent clubs can you advise in Kaunas? We would like to continue the evening interesting)
We would also like to visit pubs/bars with tasty beer and a good atmosphere. Qualitative live music is welcomed. Whether also there are in Kaunas good jazz bars?
Thanks in advance)

Paul Sulioka. , Kaunas, LTU, 2 months ago

hi, Maria ,hmmmm maybe go to Yzy bar in old Town and in the city center the Republic pub and clubs maybe Chaos in city center or in Old town G-Loft !
good luck and have a good time here in Kaunas !

Maria Teplysheva , Kaliningrad, RUS, 2 months ago


Kaspar Palgi, Tartu, EST, 2 months ago

Hello fellow CS-ers:)

Can anyone help with a good car repair specialist in Kaunas. Need phone number and/or email as I'm not in Kaunas yet but will be soon if all goes well.

Story is simple: I found nice van I want to buy from Kaunas but don't want to fly there and then find out that there's something wrong with it so I would be happy to transfer some money to car repair specialist who will go and make a test drive and have a look at the car from every corner and then let me know if there's anytjng wrong. If there's nothing wrong I''ll be there shortly and buy that car. It's a big motorhome actually and after that we'll take a trip with it all the way down to Cadiz in south Spain so CS-ers who have driving licence can join us for a free trip:)

All the best,

Tadas Tebėra , Kaunas, LTU, 2 months ago

Hey,i work as a car refurbisher,technician,if you'd give me some info,i could gladly check that van for you.
Contact me @ d00maz at gmail.com

Rokas Noreika , Kaunas, LTU, 2 months ago

Hi there,I'm Rokas from Kaunas,kind of wheeler-dealer,just drop me a line if still in need someone mechanically minded.