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Julie Corrigan, Oceanside, USA, 2 months ago

It was impressed upon me that i must have Cassoulet before I head back to the states. So, where is the best Cassoulet in toulouse? And, would you like to come with me :3

Cristian Maxim , Toulouse, FRA, 2 months ago

if you intend to have cassoulet at lunch (wise decision regarding the fact that this is a heavy dish), i advise you the restaurants above the victor hugo market. There is a side entrance that takes you upstairs and you will encounter a secret place that gives the impression is made only for local people. It is worth to at least pass by.

Thibault M. , Toulouse, FRA, 2 months ago

Julien is talking about "La Cave du cassoulet", rue Peyrolière. And he is right, this is one of the best place. Otherwise you have the "Restaurant Emile", place Saint George. It's very good but much more expensive.

The "Maison du cassoulet" is an other restaurant close to the center and it is not as good as "La cave" or "Emile".

Alison Vieuxmaire , Toulouse, FRA, about 2 months ago

Hello, I am from Toulouse and the best cassoulet i ever ate is the one from Le Peyrolières and co, Rue Peyrolières. You must ask the owner if the dish is available before you go.

Le Peyrolières

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Tâm Ngô, Toulouse, FRA, 2 months ago

hi everyone! Happy valentine's day !
I like knitting and I am searching a shop to buy wool and knitting needles. Can anyone recommend me a place to buy those thing in Toulouse please? (the cheaper the better for me :D )
Thank you very much
p/s: if anyone interested in knitting and handmade things like me, we can meet and share !

Auréline Garcia , Toulouse, FRA, 2 months ago

Hello Tâm !
You can go at "Arrow Workshop", in the "Quartier de la Bourse" district. It's not far from the Capitole :) (11, RUE SAINTE-URSULE - 31000 TOULOUSE)
They have a lot of things for knitting, doing your own jewels etc, very cool !

Tâm Ngô , Toulouse, FRA, 2 months ago

thank you very much @Aureline !!

Valérie Descoubet Navarro , Sainte-Foy-de-Peyrolieres, FRA, 2 months ago

Hello Tâm,
You can also go to "The Droguerie" place Salengro, métro Capitole. Very large and good choice of wool, ribbons, pearl...

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Riim Khader, Toulouse, FRA, 2 months ago


I am working in Toulouse till the end of April and I'm looking for a nice coffee shop where I can sit alone to work on my laptop and also have the chance to meet people. Do you have suggestions?

Aprotim Sinha , Toulouse, FRA, 2 months ago

Saveurs des tropiques, Carmes! Best hot chocolat in Toulouse!!!!

Oussama Soutrani , Toulouse, FRA, 26 days ago

You should get a little bit far from the city center to find a coffee shop (or rather a bistrot) where you can work. Minimes is one of these neighborhoods where you could find a calm bistrot. The same goes for le Busca or Patte D'Oie. ;)

Have a nice stay in Toulouse. ^^

alexis Armengaud , Muret, FRA, about 2 months ago

Hi Riim,

Je ne connais pas spécialement de bon café à Toulouse, mais je suis très ouvert pour te faire découvrir Toulouse si tu ne connais encore bien et/ou pratiquer le français et pour moi pratiquer l'anglais, why not !

Andrea, Venice, ITA, 24 days ago

Im thinking about moving in France for a while to learn french. Im looking for a place where is easier to live from arts in the street and where maybe there is some squats, so i'm looking for alternative lifestyle. Im thinking about Marseille, Montpellier, Toulouse or Lyon. What is best for this?

Max , Toulouse, FRA, 18 days ago


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