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FREDAUPOINT974, Paris, FRA, 2 months ago


If you want to join one of the best cineclub in the world, well you are lucky, Angers is the right place. I have a friend he has been organising cine sessions every single week for over 10 years and he has a new Facebook group that you can join. Please, it would be nice if anybody of you joining the group could post on his wall that you are from CouchSurfing, this way he would know that I invited you and I would also know. I have attended a lot his cine sessions from 2000 to 2006 but whenever I'm back to Angers, I go back, last time was a few months ago actually and it had been ages. I will be back around mid-December for at least a month to attend again!
Here is the link:

Antoine Dautry , Angers, FRA, 13 days ago

Je suis également intéressé pour faire partie de ce groupe :)

FREDAUPOINT974 , Paris, FRA, 2 months ago

Actually, for right reasons, the group was removed from OnVaSortir, it's not a public Facebook group, neither a closed Facebook group, but a CLOSED Facebook group, so the only way to join the group is through my invitation through Facebook, just get in touch with me if interested and keep this post up! Cheers.

Charlotte LEFORT , Angers, FRA, 2 months ago

Bonjour bonjour,

En tant que grande fan de cinéma, je suis super intéressée pour rejoindre ce club angevin. Au plaisir de s'y voir un jour !

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Avas, Rennes, FRA, 2 months ago

I am moving to Angers in two weeks and will be looking to travel around France for a little while before school starts in September, can anyone recommend where I might find the cheapest train tickets?

Laura Pitasi , Angers, FRA, 2 months ago

You can try covoiturage, it's cheaper than train and you can meet interesting people :)

Avas , Rennes, FRA, 2 months ago

I will look into that! Thank you,

Marie DESFORGES , Angers, FRA, 2 months ago

the name of the site is ""

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Cathy Connor, Cullompton, GBR, 2 months ago


We (mum, dad, three kids ages 6, 7 and 8) will be driving from Nantes to Paris on the 21st of August, this is also my youngest child's birthday, she will be six that day. Any suggestions where we could stop to have a bit of a birthday lunch or play on route? It could be somewhere to go rather than just somewhere to eat because we could always just have a picnic with us.


Sandrine , Angers, FRA, 2 months ago

Hi Cathy,

Close to the city center (15 mn by car), there is an amusement park named "Ouistiti" ( in Beaucouzé
There is a ball swimming poo, playground slide... kids love it :)

Lauriane Grammont , Vauhallan, FRA, 2 months ago

what about terra botanica ?

Cathy Connor , Cullompton, GBR, 2 months ago

Thank you for all the replies, lots of ideas to look into.

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Sam Hanft, Madrid, ESP, 2 months ago

Hello all! I'm hoping to spend this summer in France and to find some work along the way to help finance my trip. If anyone has any information on farms where I could work picking grapes or other fruit during the months of August, September, or October, I'd be super grateful. Thanks so much, and maybe we'll cross paths when I pass through!

Gabrielle COTTEZ , Angers, FRA, 2 months ago

There si a lot of vine farms here. Send me your email and i will found a lot of adresses.

See you soon !

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Julien Mueller, La Rochelle, FRA, 2 months ago

Hi everyone,
my girlfriend (20) is planning to move to Angers for her Service Civic and is looking for a room in a colocation/share-house/share-flat in the centre or the south of the city from beginning of September until around July 2015. If you have anything coming up, or have anything available right now, please let me know. Thanks heaps!

Julien Mueller , La Rochelle, FRA, 2 months ago

We have found a place :) ! Thanks everyone