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Tautvyde Giedraite, Vilnius, LTU, 3 months ago

Hey guys! Can someone give me a tips about Ottawa's night life. Coming for a weekend and looking for fancy nightclubs/bars. So which is the best places to go for Friday and Saturday? :)

GAPAGOS , Gatineau, CAN, 3 months ago

Well... can you describe your ideal nightclub? We have Irish pub-type clubs, hard house high dresscode pretentious clubs, top40 standard clubs, underground ghetto-aspiring clubs, high class lounges, hipster lounges, all depends what kind of vibe and music you're looking for. is a good website for some directories of events happening in the Ottawa nightlife.

Tautvyde Giedraite , Vilnius, LTU, 3 months ago

Thank you for respond!
From your describe I would say that we are more interested in "hard house high dresscode pretentious clubs" or "high class lounges". So Can you or someone mention some names of those kinds of spots? :)

Rouzbeh Zadeh , Ottawa, CAN, 3 months ago

SideDoor, Flybar, Sotto, Mansion, Era.

Depending on when you will be here you may wish to try one of these. (they are all within walking distance of each other). Check thier websites and see which one you like and the events. Feel free to message me your names and dates for guest list to any of them.

Muhammad Gad, Cairo, EGY, 3 months ago

Hello, it's Muhammad
I want to speak English fluently, and I've choose Canada to come and study, but what's the recommended cities to study in, where the prices is affordable, and I can find a part-time job, and is there a recommended schools also?
thanks :)

Benji Finestone , Ottawa, CAN, 3 months ago

If you want to learn English, don't go to Quebec or New Brunswick (the provinces) probably. Toronto is a nice city but it is expensive unless you live more in the suburbs. Vancouver is beautiful but very expensive. Ottawa is ok and less expensive than those cities. Mississauga is a city outside of Toronto which is less expensive and has lots of immigrants. Good luck!

MELITA1 , Gatineau, CAN, 3 months ago

Hello Muhammad,
I have no recommendation as to schools or jobs, but the following is a very good recommendation. In Gatineau and Ottawa, there are 518 local Meetup groups which function mostly in English, which have local meetings about 518 different subject / topics, which are either free or maybe cost a dollar or two, and which are very welcoming to new members. Join one or several and you will get free English conversation on a topic that interests you. Check out

Kashif Awan , Ottawa, CAN, 3 months ago

Hi Muhammad,
I would strongly recommend living in Gatineau hut studying in Ottawa, there are a few language centers as well as colleges and universities offering language courses. But as Melita1 said above, engaging in social activities is best way to learn any language. All the best!

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Simon, Aarau, CHE, 3 months ago

Hello everyone! I would like to go Salsa dancing in Ottawa sometime next week, any suggestions when & where? Feel free to join!

Petra Urbancová , Prague, CZE, 3 months ago

Hi, don't know where, but can join you?

Simon , Aarau, CHE, 3 months ago

I am going tonight with some people, to Salsa in the Ottawa City Hall! You are very welcome to join! :-)

Elfriede Bemis , Ottawa, CAN, 3 months ago

There is Salsa Dancing on Sparks Street (between Metcalfe and O'Connor) every Thursday from 6:30pm on. Free and Fun!!

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Yolanda_Ecux, Montreal, CAN, 3 months ago

Hello lovely people,

I'm looking for the cheapest travel doctor in Ottawa! There is a place in Vanier I found that charges 40 for a consultation, but I was just wondering if there is anything cheaper because I have to get a number of shots.

Thank you!

Amyville . , Ottawa, CAN, 3 months ago

If you have insurance, most of it is covered! Most travel clinics in Ottawa charge a consultation fee (40-50) on top of the actual vaccination (varies). It gets pretty expensive, that's for sure. I went to the Downtown Travel Clinic and the doctor there was pretty helpful.

Yolanda_Ecux , Montreal, CAN, 3 months ago

Thanks for your reply!!

Julie Viard , Rennes, FRA, 3 months ago

Hi Yolanda,

I'm really interested about where did you finally go ! I'm looking for a travel doctor/clinic in ottawa too. What kind of vaccines did you need ? Can you please give me a back to your experience ?

Thank you !

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Carlos Veloz, Zapopan, MEX, 3 months ago

I want to go to the CTF. This is the first time that I travel outside from Mexico I want to see as much as I can of this beautiful country. I was planning to be in Ottawa from May 8th through May 11th, any thoughts? Is it a good date?
I'll be posting a formal couch request in a couple of days.
Does anybody want to hang out those days? I can teach you a little of spanish, I like to walk, see the museums, the gardens, tulips of course, I'll appreciate your time.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Michael Vickers , Ottawa, CAN, 3 months ago

Carlos, apart from the winter when you can skate on the Rideau Canal all through the heart of Ottawa, Tulip Festival time is one of the most scenic times to visit Ottawa. So, your plan to come for the first weekend of the Festival should be great!

The main attractions are the many floral displays of tulips -- a tradition begun after the Dutch Royal family began giving tulips to Ottawa in appreciation for sheltering them during WWII:

The tulips should be blooming by the 8th (those in my front yard are already starting to peek up) and during the festival there are a lot of activities scheduled: concerts, fireworks, commemorations of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII that are interesting for visitors:

Hope you have a nice visit!

Blake Arbour , Cali, COL, 3 months ago

Que tal Carlos! Yo trabajo como loco asi que mi tiempo libre es desafortunadamente muy poco, pero si me parece que seran buenas fechas. La verdad es una muy linda ciudad y hay mucho mas para ver, pero se tiene que ir con alguien que conoce asi que te recomiendo mucho invertir el tiempo en encontrarte un buen couch quien te traiga a conocer.

Cualquier cosa mandame un mensaje, que disfrutes! :)

Carlos Veloz , Zapopan, MEX, 3 months ago

@Michael, Thanks it seems that there are many thing to do in the festival, can't wait to be there!

@Blake, Muchas gracias Blake, estaré desde el viernes hasta el lunes por la mañana, así que si tienes tiempo libre y gustas acompañarme bienvenido!