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There are 30 questions in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Jonathan Neal, Ho Chi Minh, VNM, about 2 months ago

I'm in a hotel right now. I really want an apartment in D1. I went with a couple of agencies to look at some apartments, but they showed me really small, terrible places and quoted me prices like 12million vnd/month. After looking on chotot.vn, I know that these are not fair prices. I don't mind living in a shoebox, but it shouldn't cost 12m vnd, when I'm seeing much nicer places in D1 on that site for less than half of that price. I've also found several listings for some honda 67s (the kind of bike I want). The problem is that I can't speak Vietnamese so there's no way for me to communicate with a lot of the landlords/sellers. Can anyone help?

phuong Minh , Ho Chi Minh, VNM, about 2 months ago

there has a fb group name expats and local in ho chi minh, i saw some share apartment or room on there, so u should use that. cheers

Jesse Torres , Miami Beach, USA, 26 days ago

For anyone else who is looking, www.craigslist.org has postings.

Ho Chi Minh City

Jonathan Neal , Ho Chi Minh, VNM, about 2 months ago

Thanks Minh, I've been looking on there for months. The problem is that all the good places are gone as soon as they're posted. It's okay though, I've hired a translator to contact landlords for me.

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Surbhi_Kanishk, Gurgaon, IND, about 2 months ago

Hello, can anybody tell me how much will the taxi cost to the city center?

Thank you.

Stanley , Singapore, SGP, about 2 months ago

Hey Surbhi_Kanishk

I just got here yesterday.

There is a bus you can take (cost only 5,000vnd + 5,000vnd if you have big bags)
Bus no, 152.
Leaves every 15-20mins.
Nice experience compared to taking a taxi.

When you exit the airport, turn right, you will see burger king and the bus is parked across the road. You can easily spot the bus number.

The bus goes to a bus depot at district 1, very near to Ben Thanh Market.

Hope this helps.

Derek Cowan , Ho Chi Minh City, VNM, about 2 months ago

You will find most taxi drivers at the airport will charge 200k. If you use Uber or Grab you will be between 90k and 110k. Enjoy Vietnam :)

Ho Chi Minh City

Surbhi_Kanishk , Gurgaon, IND, about 2 months ago

Thank you :)

Weeraya S, Bangkok, THA, 14 days ago

or I can go to ticket counter without reservation ?
I'm afraid it will get full cause it's friday .

Thank you for all information, you guys are so nice

Nghia Le , Ho Chi Minh, VNM, 8 days ago

The last time when I traveled to Dalat, I had departed from Ho Chi Minh at 22h30, at arrived in Dalat around 4:00AM, so I think you would like to take a latest Futa bus when you travel HCM->Dalat..


Ho Chi Minh City

Van Le , , VNM, 8 days ago

You can book in https://pasoto.com/
or easier, you go to Futa office 272 Đề Thám Street - Pham Ngu Lao Ward - Dist 1 -to buy ticket (also go to Da Lat from there), staffs can speak English, you can talk with them.
Or near Futa office, it's Sinh Cafe office, another tourist for your choice, the price is lower, Address: 246 Đề Thám street.
Good luck. If you have any question, feel free to contact me.

Daniel Toan , Ho Chi Minh, VNM, 8 days ago

You can book online here. Maybe they will have a small bus to take you from airport to their bus station. The bus will depart at 0am so it's good for you. Take a good sleep then Đà Lat welcome to you at 8am.
Hope it help.

Huong Le , Ho Chi Minh, VNM, 9 days ago

1 more Vietnamese okay? 😆

Michelle Su , Ho Chi Minh City, VNM, 9 days ago

Sounds great and thank you!
It would be great to know more about Saigon and her charms. I'm good this weekend.

Tú Nguyễn , Ho Chi Minh City, VNM, 14 days ago

Can I join you ? And when ?

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Dasha Nikonova, Hanoi, VNM, about 2 months ago

Hey guys!
I will be traveling for a month and I was hoping to store my suitcase somewhere for the time. Do you know if there is a place in Saigon I can store things for cheap?) thank you))

Sillyyy Y , Ho Chi Minh City, VNM, about 2 months ago

I would like to know if such place exist here too.

Thoai Tran , Ho Chi Minh City, VNM, about 2 months ago

I affraid not

Giang Nguyen , Ho Chi Minh, VNM, about 2 months ago

Hi Dasha,

If you have hotel booking here you can ask them to keep the luggage for you or if you want you can leave it at my house. I kept the luggage for a traveler before.