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There are 20 questions in Ghent, Belgium

Tristan Crowley, Donostia-San Sebastian, ESP, about 2 months ago

Dear CS-community in Gent.

My name Tristan Crowley and I'm an independent singer-songwriter. I'm planning a little "tour" through France, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium in April and so I thought I might ask for some help.. so.. my question is:

Do you know any good bars for small concerts, where people enjoy listening to a boy playing his guitar and singing about life?
Thanks for your help, honestly!!
A million mercis :)

Ellen Braet , Gent, BEL, about 2 months ago

Denis Foley's Irish Pub & Restaurant graslei 8, 9000 Gent

Tristan Crowley , Donostia-San Sebastian, ESP, about 2 months ago

Hi Ellen! Thanks a lot :) I'll write them and see what happens.. All the best, Tristan

Nick Sabbe , Gent, BEL, about 2 months ago

You could try Los Perros Calientes.

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Nicolas Gonzalez, Buenos Aires, ARG, about 2 months ago

Hi everybody ! First time in Europe, so first time in Gent ! I wanna know where could I listen good electronic music or if there is any electronic festival in Belgium between 28/07 ~ 01/082013

Saludos desde Bs As !

Lies Pittoors , Gent, BEL, about 2 months ago

Si, hay algunas. Por ejemplo 10 days off, qué es cerca de mi casa:

Yannick Pottiez , Gent, BEL, about 2 months ago

the white cat is a good plqce to enjoy electronic music

Bert Hauspie , Kortrijk, BEL, about 2 months ago

Indeed, 10 Days Off: Unfortunately the 28th is already the last day, but the last day can be the best day!

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Bedzy Saha, Mumbai, IND, about 2 months ago

Can anyone please recommend me Cheap city centre location hostels at Ghent? Any leads would be much appreciated. Please PM me.

Karolina Pociūtė , Vilnius, LTU, about 2 months ago

Uppelink is really central (the best place) and I think it has good prices :)

Liesa Carton , Montreal, CAN, about 2 months ago

The newest hostel is called 'Backstay'. It looks really nice, but I have no idea what the prices are. Check it out:

Mehdi TruthMinistry , Ghent, BEL, about 2 months ago

I was once at a decent hotel called 13oclock
45 EUR single bed...

Diana, Aachen, DEU, 9 days ago

  • cars
  • parking
  • park and ride
  • parking space

Arne De Mey , Damme, BEL, 8 days ago

there are some spots? I am not sure if it has a free bus from Steenbrugge. you don't bring bike? You can park you're car at the train station 4eur a day or something like that. Or translate this page:

Veronique Beauprez , Bruges, BEL, 7 days ago

Bevrijdingslaan is the best parking spot for free, 10 minutes to the market square.
Best of luck and enjoy Brugge :-)


Jan Braam , Middelburg, NLD, 8 days ago

There are some really nice underground parking garages in Bruges that are really afordable and less then a five minute walk from the city centre.

Not sure if there are any park and ride spots. The previously mentioned garages are so cheap i never had to search fkr a parm and ride ;)

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Tjeerd Fluitman, Enkhuizen, NLD, 22 days ago

Hi people from Belgium! Just yesterday i managed to get an amazing internship at the UGent, starting next month. Unfortunately i haven´t found a room and that does not seem to be easy, for what i know.
I am not looking for a room on a CS paylevel, but i do want a roommate on a CS sociallevel ;)
So if you know any hostfamilies who have got a spareroom to rent, please contact me!

To whom it might be interesting: I am going to work at the researchcentre of UGent and follow some classes about the microbiome related to social health.

Ann Busschaert , Oostkamp, BEL, 14 days ago

Hi, maybe I can offer you a room. Bit I live near Bruges. There is a good trainconnection with gent.
I work in the univeristy hospital in Gent.
How long would you be needing the room?
If you are interested please contact me.

Greetings Ann

Evelien Vandevelde , Gent, BEL, 21 days ago

have you got the list from Nathalie Geeraerts? She's in charge for short term housing. Might also be able to help you out - contact me, have room for rent short term. And then there's this post :)

Lisy Micorazon , Gent, BEL, 8 days ago

you can check out as well