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Eirini Kamenaki, Zeist, NLD, 2 months ago

Hello everyone!
Me and my boyfriend came in lovely Utrecht to live and work here. We just found our new home and we want to make it beaitiful and of course furnished. Do you reccomend any place where we can buy 2nd hand furniture? Or do you have anything you don't need and you would be willing to to sell to us for a relatively low price?
Thank you!

Femke de Boer , Utrecht, NLD, about 2 months ago

If you have a car, Wawollie is also very cheap and nice!

Wawollie Utrecht

Remco de Kok , Utrecht, NLD, 2 months ago

Hi Eirini,

There's a whole bunch of second hand stores on Oudegracht nrs. 247, 253, 255, 266, 270, 272, 274 and 290, called St. de A.R.M. You could probably find somehting there.
There is also the FAcebook-group 'Gratis ophalen inUtrecht en omgeving', where people post stuff you can pick up for free (it's in Dutch though...)

Good luck!

Eirini Kamenaki , Zeist, NLD, 2 months ago

Thank you so much Remco!
That was really very helpful!

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Katerina Solaris, Istanbul, TUR, 2 months ago

Hi everybody, im Russian, living in Turkey but going to be in Netherlands for 1 week 8-14th of May for a business trip. In the day time im gonna be busy but evenings are free so maybe you could advice me where can i go and what can i do, but not very extreme? im alone and im working so coffeshops and stuff are not for me, probably) thanks!

Andréa Mussard , Amsterdam, NLD, about 2 months ago

My favorite spots in Amsterdam to..
Drink and Eat : Plek, Noorderlicht, Café de Ceuvel, Roest, FoodHallen
Walk and Wander : Vondelpark, Westerpark, De Pijp, Jordaan
Learn and Discover : Foam, Stedelijk museum, the Eye museum, Pathé Tuschinski

Enjoy Amsterdam ;)

Sanjeev Devendra , Almere, NLD, 2 months ago

Hi, I made this map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=z4SXf2X8BFYY.k06xSUyHprUM&usp=sharing

Vondelpark is lovely during summernights! Enjoy Amsterdam ;)

Ana Martins , Amsterdam, NLD, about 1 month ago

Hi there!

I have a blog where i write about Amsterdam and my experience over here: https://amsterdive.com/. I post a weekly agenda as well, where i select interesting events going on in the city. Feel free to follow me there! :)

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Zuzana Kološová, Prague, CZE, 2 months ago

Hi Dears,
me and my friend Lucy arrive 14th/6, morning to Sloterdijk. We really want to spend first day near see, to see nature if is any near. We are able to use public transport, so if you could recommend me some nice places at seesight for looong walk, or bike trip. If we get a option to rent it.

Do you think that's better to book hotel in city center at Amsterdaam, or to spent night at some hotel near the see also ? Where the prices are not that hight ?

Thanks for advices :)

PS: We could go for some beers ?

ROBERTO.EA , Amsterdam, NLD, 2 months ago

Not near sea, but I will suggest the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam forest) for long walks. Bikes are available for rent in many places around the city.

I'm not sure which sea you're talking about, but Amsterdam is pretty compact. Any hotels of your liking will be okay I guess?

Emiel Kuiken , Amsterdam, NLD, 2 months ago

there is a trainstation in zandvoort ( a beach town) so you can easily get there. I would not recommend getting a hotel there, the seaside towns are ussually small and touristic, so im not sure if you would get a better deal there then in amsterdam.

Philip Verhagen , Amsterdam, NLD, 2 months ago

For a day trip, take the train to Overveen and have a walk in the Kennemerduinen National Park (http://www.np-zuidkennemerland.nl/299/en) -from Overveen train station, you can do a very nice round trip of approx 11 km to the seaside at Parnassia and back. For accomodation in that area, probably best to check booking.com and set your search to Haarlem

Petra Hanouskova, Utrecht, NLD, 2 months ago

Hi everyone!
I moved here almost two months ago to be an aupair. I thought the first thing I will miss is Czech bread. But it is my piano. I cannot play well, but I love it!
Is there anyone who has a piano and could let me play few times a month for a while? I would be happy if so. :) If not, do you know is there any chance to play somewhere where no one is listening?

Thanks for any advice!


Diana van der Poel , Hilversum, NLD, 2 months ago

Hi! Utrecht Central station has a piano :) You can play there for free... the day long if you want... but... there will be people listening ;) ;)

Natalia , La Reina, CHL, 2 months ago

Also in parnassos culturum centrum you can pay and you have access to the rehearsal room

Petra Hanouskova , Utrecht, NLD, 2 months ago

Hi! Thank you for your advices and offer!
I've heard about the piano at central station. But, you know, I need more practice than perform. Maybe one day... :)
It's good to know about Parnassos and dB's studio's. I'm gonna check that.

SISTA WHISTLE , Leiden, NLD, 12 days ago

Take the bus to Eindhoven CS (10 min) and than the train to Amsterdam CS.
About € 21,50.
Within 2 hours you will be in ADM.

Check this site for excact times, dates, tracks, numbers a.s.o.


Willem-Jan van Lipzig , Utrecht, NLD, 10 days ago

I've done this a couple of times, and I always find the direct bus most convenient. Depending if it connects straight to your flight or not.

It's usually cheaper, and drops you at Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. From there you can take a 5 min train to Amsterdam Central station, or take a metro or tram that brings you to the city center.

Eindhoven train station is also fine, takes a bit longer. Keep in mind if you take the train you can't use creditcards to buy tickets. Only maestro and cash are accepted.


Jesse Mijderwijk , Haastrecht, NLD, 12 days ago

Just walk.
It's a small country.