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Kerry Noonan, Zurich, CHE, 2 months ago

Hi im back in lille from 16th febuary and looking for people to hang out with! Good chat, food,drinks, a party,

Kathleen Bernard , Lille, FRA, 2 months ago

Hey, I'm in, let me know your plan :)

Donatien le Pomellec , Lille, FRA, about 1 month ago

hey guys ! I'm living in lille and i now some goods places to be, so if you want to take a drink let me now or if you want some goods places, i could tell you ;) See ya

Eden Afanou , Lille, FRA, 2 months ago

It is a Pity that i'm plan my trip on this date, but i'm back on wednesday . When do you leave the area ?

Ilona Karkosińska, Gdansk, POL, 2 months ago

Can anybody advice me what is the best & cheapest way to get from Brussells Charleroi aeroport to Lille? I found only Flibco.bus
Thanks! ;)

Ilona Karkosińska , Gdansk, POL, 2 months ago

J'ai regarde aussi covoiturage, Merci ;-)

Kristof BREUGHE , Ledegem, BEL, 2 months ago

You can take a bus to the railwaystation of Charleroi, then a train with a Lille Flandres...

YUGASI , Tournai, BEL, 2 months ago

yes ...this is the best !

8 total anwers to this question

Jennifer Reichert, Vancouver, CAN, 2 months ago

Hi all,

I'm looking for an apartment in Lille but don't know the city very well. Can you give me some advice on which neighborhoods to avoids and which ones are nice and safe?
Thanks a lot!

Marine Libelous , , FRA, 2 months ago

HI, if you want i live in a great residence ! There are a lot of foreigners inside. :)
But it is at Roubaix (15min from Lille).

Jorune Sakalauskaite , Lille, FRA, 2 months ago

Well, I think if you have your work or studies in city center or around, Roubaix is not the perfect choice, its quite far ;/ I myself used to live in Villeneuve d'Ascq and now I moved to city center, its easier for me :) I think all the vieux lille is perfecet, close to citadelle is nice too :) you can look arround mairie de lille and lille grand palais metros, the neighbourhood is nice too :)
I would avoid port de postes

Quentin Dhalluin , Lille, FRA, 2 months ago


I live in the vieux lille and it's great ! lot of beautiful streets and restaurants but can be expensive, as well as the center of the town or "République". Around the "parc Jean Lebas" or the Vauban is very good too.
Wazemmes is cheaper and so good, especially for the market ! (There are lot of foreigners and students and it's a very active neighboorhood but you should avoid some parts if you are a girl. Porte des postes and every other "porte" is not so good.

Actually the all city is nice, just avoid the very south of the town.

If you want cheaper but good alternative to the inner city you can live in "Fives" or "Bois Blanc", it's only 2 stations from the city.

Thomas Simphal , Lille, FRA, about 1 month ago

Si, motivato per parlare martedi o mercoledi.

Ho parlato con Danilo . Lui non è disponibile la prossima settimana ma sarà libero dopo. Penso che forse possiamo parlare la bella lingua comunque.

Qunidi se volete, ecco un doodle per la prossima settimana :

Pauline Mrozinski , Arras, FRA, 22 days ago


Je suis très intéressée par cette proposition, en effet, depuis mon séjour en Italie en 2014, j'ai les livres posés au pied de mon lit mais je n'arrive pas à m'y mettre seule!
J'espère avoir l'occasion d'apprendre avec une personne native du pays :)


Océane Brindacier , Lille, FRA, about 1 month ago

Bonjour, j'aimerais bien apprendre qques bases en italien pour les vacances :-)
Je suis dispo le soir en général !
Je te laisse me contacter si tu es intéressé. Mais sache que jai un niveau 0 ^^
A bientôt :-)

Kerry Noonan, Zurich, CHE, 2 months ago

Hi im working in lille often :) im here this week and free tomorrow if anyone would like to meet for lunch and a beer?!:) im scottish but live in switzerland and work here often


Kerry Noonan , Zurich, CHE, 2 months ago

Thanks i speak no spanish but i can still join?

hyart elodie , Lille, FRA, 2 months ago

I want too if you want ?

Sebastien Sobry , Wevelgem, BEL, 2 months ago

Beer and lunch or dinner always sounds appealing to me :)
Also I wouldn't mind a Spanish meeting. My spanish became rusty.