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Wannes Van den Bergh, Bruxelles, BEL, about 2 months ago

Hi People of Antwerp and elsewhere!

Do you know a place in Antwerp to play Chess at any time? Like a bar where chess-players can come and eventually meet other players around a chessboard and some beers?

Tips are welcome, and so are people who would like to play a game! I am a beginner but i know the basics quiet well.

Thank you!

Kevin De Winter , Mechelen, BEL, about 2 months ago


I don't know if Antwerp has a place like that, but I know there are a few chess clubs in or near Antwerp. Here is a link to the website of 'Schaakliga Antwerpen' where you can find the address of different chess clubs. I'm a chess player myself, but my club is in Mechelen, so won't be able to help you in Antwerp.

Good luck,

Wannes Van den Bergh , Bruxelles, BEL, about 2 months ago

Thank you for the tip Kevin,

Via Schaakliga Antwerp i found:
Borgerhout SK: Fairplay, Turnhoutsebaan 28, 2100 Deurne
Club evening: every thursday 8pm (tram 10 or bus 33)

So i'll go there to check it out! But i'am still looking for a more casual place :)
A place like the 'Halles Saint Gery' in Brussels


Amra Dorjbayar , Antwerpen, BEL, about 2 months ago

Outpost Gamecenter in Antwerp

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Katerina Kudlacova, Brno, CZE, about 2 months ago

Hey, we are Czech couple and we plan to go on a roadtrip to Netherlands&Belgium. We'd like to visit several places in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Do you have any recommendations? Which places worth visiting? We prefer nature to galeries and museums, but we want to visit cities and meet new people as well! Any advice appreciated, thanks a lot! xoxo

Abdessamad Mouris , , MAR, about 2 months ago

you can come to visit Morocco

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Tristan Crowley, Donostia-San Sebastian, ESP, about 2 months ago

Good morning.

My name Tristan Crowley and I'm an independent singer-songwriter. I'm planning a little "tour" through central Europe in December and don't really know anyone in Antwerp.. so I thought I might ask for some help.. so.. my question is:

Do you know any good bars or places for small concerts, where people enjoy listening to a boy playing his guitar and singing about life?
Thanks for your help, honestly!!
All the best :)

Anna Wouters , Antwerp, BEL, about 2 months ago

Try Cabron, den Hopsack, café Rood-wit

Klaas Coppe , Antwerpen, BEL, 3 days ago

You have a small bar called "bar ami" its close to the "boere toren" where there arr 2 friendly people owning the bar. They have a small stage where a lot of small groups play every week. Try to get in contact with them

Kevin Ducheyne , Antwerp, BEL, about 2 months ago

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Evelien Groeneveld, Enschede, NLD, about 2 months ago

Hee allemaal,

Eind mei ga ik met een groep vriendinnen een weekend naar Antwerpen. Ik ben op zoek naar een leuke gezellige plek om 's avonds wat biertjes te drinken. Heeft iemand leuke tip om naar toe te gaan?

Groetjes Evelien

Aaron Martin , Mechelen, BEL, about 2 months ago

Middeleeuwse kelder, supergezellig en in het centrum in de schaduw van de kathedraal.

Nick Souplit , Antwerp, BEL, about 2 months ago Van den Bussche Gunther , Antwerp, BEL, about 2 months ago

Hier kan je echt eens uitkiezen waar je wil vertoeven, een terrasje uitkiezen of iets eten. en ook nog eens de knappe architectuur bekijken van de Cogels Osylei in de buurt. Als jullie willen kan ik jullie wel wat laten zien, ik woon in de buurt van Berchem station. Neem hier alvast een voorproefje.

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Anežka Kuncová, Celakovice, CZE, about 2 months ago

I´m going to Brussel next week, i was wondering, if you know about some place, where i could watch the ice hockey world championship, especially the Czech team! Do you know about some local czech pub or place, where i can find some czech fans?

Sebastian , Brussels, BEL, about 2 months ago

There's no Czech pub as such in Brussels, but there is a huge czech community. You can probably find some likeminded people on the Fb group 'Češi a Slováci v Belgii'
preju ti hezky pobyt u nas :-)

Anežka Kuncová , Celakovice, CZE, about 2 months ago

Thanks a lot, but there isn´t a group on FB:/

Libor Supcik , Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, BEL, about 2 months ago

Teda to me taky zaujalo... kde ...a koukam na tomhletom facebuku umrel pes...
Tady je to zivejsi ale sama vybavicka apartmanu- zabavu ci hokej neresi p Mmj uz su tu 3 mesice a krom spoluzacky z gymplu kterou jsem nepotkal tu zadneho cecho-slovaka neznam...