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Ephraim Hernandez, Montréal, CAN, 17 days ago

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  • spain
  • bicycle
  • toulouse
  • san sebastián

Jacques , Paris, FRA, 16 days ago

I see no reason why it wouldn't be possible ; many piligrims do this way till santiago di compostella ;
You should have a look to what is called the european bicycle way (or soemthing like that) ; it cross all europe and is almost totaly done

Bernardo Irizar , Paris, FRA, 15 days ago

I'm agree with Jacques. I'm just returned to cycle Paris - Edinburgh - Paris, and my next step will be north of Spain, Portugal, South of Spain and Paris again.

Benoit Schmid , Paris, FRA, 14 days ago

Yes definitely!
I once hosted a young Spanich guy who did it (and much more). I am sure you can contact him, here is it's website :

Cécile CB , Paris, FRA, 14 days ago

The jardin Tuilerie garden is where Louis XVI was judged and the place de la concorde, formerly called place de la révolution was where he was beheaded

AVADORA , Paris, FRA, 6 days ago

You have a famous café called café procope where the main leaders of the french (and american) revolution met! It must be really interesting.

Marie Echevarria, Viroflay, FRA, 8 days ago

I'll be taking the train from Rome up to Paris and the train will be passing through Strasbourg, arriving at Gare de Strasbourg at 00:48 and leaving for Paris at 5 in the morning. A hotel seems a bit of a waste because I would only be staying there for 4 hours at most. I'm a 20 year old girl and will be travelling on my own - does anyone have any advice? Anything would help!! :)

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Abdelaziz S. , Paris, FRA, 7 days ago

It is not safe and the station is closed during the night.
Don't you have other solutions ?

Paul Honai , Paris, FRA, 7 days ago

maybe a bar cafe is open until 5 close the station ........ but ask on Strasbourg page not Paris

Jacques , Paris, FRA, 8 days ago

Anywhere you go, try to avoid in main central train stations ; not saying it's always bad, but it is more likely to be than somewhere else !
As far I remember, the station closes at night, so if you can find a way to stay inside, should be okay tho...

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Vi, , GBR, about 2 months ago

Hey guys

I am abt to visit paris today n will stay till wkend. Planning to go Louvre and try some French cuisine. If you are interested in and wanna go together. Or any suggestion/recommendation for CHEAP local food. (Help) Feel free to inbox me,pleaseeeee:)

Reda Bell , Paris, FRA, about 1 month ago

if you like cheese and wine you really should try the restaurant Danard fromagerie its near the louvre

5 Rue du Colonel Driant

Jonas Fourrier , Paris, FRA, about 2 months ago

Hey Vi !

For cheap local food you can go to Chez Gladines. It serves south-west French cuisine. Not too great, but French cuisine is usually expensive when it's not homemade...
I'm not available though, sorry ! Enjoy your stay :)


CLARABERLIN , Paris, FRA, about 1 month ago

you can also have crepes in montparnasse, they are quite cheap (see rue d'odessa for instance)
or just walk in any good boulangerie and get some quiche or sandwich for less than 5 euros !

Justine Ballon, Paris, FRA, about 1 month ago

Camille Contini , Paris, FRA, about 1 month ago

Hi Justine, i can share my studio for one month, i live in montrouge near ligne 4 if you want. Write me a message if you are intetested !

Isabel Diaz , Zaragoza, ESP, 30 days ago

Hii: Nous sommes deux filles que veulent aller a Paris des 3 jusqua 9 septembre. Nous sommes Prof de francaise et castillan. Nous voulons trouver une personne pour rester chez lui, et lui aider avec son castillan. Merci

douart-boisseau caroline , Montreuil, FRA, about 1 month ago

The room of my second daughter is free just for this month !
I leave in Montreuil in a sweet big house, 50 m from the metro.
Best regards