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Oliver Martin Hambrecht, Marseille, FRA, 2 months ago

Hey guys,
can anybody recommend a language school here in Oxford?
Thanks for any comments!

PINKKDAISY , London, GBR, 2 months ago

Don't go to british study centre
kaplan and OISE seem to be good- they are good places to work and that usually means good places to study.
avoid flashy schools which advertise their location, facilities and tourist outings

my friend went to kings college and loved it- might be a bit pricy though because it does activities

Oliver Martin Hambrecht , Marseille, FRA, 2 months ago


Sarah Jacobs , Oxford, GBR, 2 months ago

I have heard mixed reviews about the British Study Centre: a Brazilian friend of mine did a month there and loved it, but my French friend didn't like it very much... It's one of the (slightly) cheaper language schools, so I guess that might mean it's not as good as the most expensive ones.

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Marta, San Francisco, USA, 2 months ago

Do you know of any studio to practice Yoga in the city centre?

Dan Medlock , Oxford, GBR, 2 months ago

Well we have a resident cs yoga enthusiast, Anita. I'm sure she could tell you the best places, If she reads this or you attend the weekly meeting :D

Chloe Hill , Oxford, GBR, 2 months ago

There is a great yoga centre at Wild Honey which Anita teaches at. Her classes are amazong and on wed am i believe. Wild honey is between Iffley and Cowley Rd the address is 111 Magdalen Rd. Have fun!

Jeroen Breman , Boise, USA, 2 months ago

Lisa and I go to an Ashtanga Yoga class in the East Oxford community centre, Thursdays 17:30-19

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Evviegan Hanna, , USA, 2 months ago

I'm going to Oxford this April and this will be my first trip in England.
But I worry about using Underground train and transportation there,
Is it hard to travel around there by Bus or Underground train?
What things can do and cannot do in UK?
Like in Japan they not allow to use phone on the train. :|

well, If anyone can suggest me more I'd appreciate it^^a. Or can guide little things about Oxford and London.
Thank you so much!

Peter Ingram , Reading, GBR, 2 months ago

There is no underground in Oxford :P Only in London. Infact transport in the UK in my opinion is kinda bad (London excluded). Your best to look into travel arrangements for your trip. I think the only way to get from London to Oxford will be via buss.

Evviegan Hanna , , USA, 2 months ago

OMG LOL , such a shame on me. I didn't do any homework about England yet.
I should start it right now and thank you for telling me anyways haha.
just hope I will not get lost the way to Oxford - -''a
Thank you :)

Will Hazell , Witney, GBR, 2 months ago

Oxford is a small city - you could walk about it quite happily. If you want to get from London to Oxford, the Oxford Tube bus service is frequent and reliable, and goes from various places in the middle of London.

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WAIJAY, Tauranga, NZL, 2 months ago

Could anyone tell me what would be the best bus to catch from Heathrow Airport to Oxford?

Zsuzsi Mayer , Oxford, GBR, 2 months ago

Airline is very reliable, they also provide good connection between Oxford and two of the Heathrow terminals with service running in every hour or so.
You can book tickets online and they are open (+/- 1 or 2 hours) which means that you can catch an other service if you arrive earlier or your flight is delayed.

WAIJAY , Tauranga, NZL, 2 months ago

Thank you Zsuzsi that is very useful.

Chloe Evans , Oxford, GBR, 2 months ago

The airline bus, stand 10 outside arrivals at Heathrow, it goes directly to Oxford's bus station, Gloucester Green :)

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Vicky Volkova, Vilnius, LTU, 2 months ago

Hi guys,

I am going to arrive to Stansted london airport on 2nd of July and I was wondering if there is an easy and cheap way to get to Oxford. I need to go to Oxford brookes University where I'll be working.
Could you possibly help me and text me in private telling me how to get there and which transport to use?

Thanks a lot!!

P.S. I am willing to meet you all when I have a day off for a drink and walk :)
Text me if you are interested!!!
See you soon!!


Shravan Vaidyanath , Oxford, GBR, 2 months ago

Hey Vicky,

There is a direct national express bus 757 which takes about 3-4 hours for around £30 but it isnt very frequent. If you didnt want to get a train for the whole way, you can get a stansted express into London and then get a x90 or oxford tube from london to oxford