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Agnieszka Zaglewska, London, GBR, about 1 month ago

Hey guys,
together with my friend Monika I'm planning to spend the whole September in Brighton and we're looking for accomodation. Obviously we're more than happy to pay, but since it's very difficult to find a nice room (and nice flatmates!) I thought a fellow Couchsurfer could help. Do you have a spare room? Or maybe you know one of your friends does? It would be lovely to live with a Couchsurfer rather than random people.

Agnieszka Zaglewska , London, GBR, about 1 month ago

Just one more thing: I know there are specific sites for this, but as I said I'm asking your help here because I would really appreciate living with nice people that I have something in common with, so please forgive me if you feel I shouldn't use Couchsurfing this way.

My name is Ignacio, Mérida, MEX, 11 days ago

  • need to rent room or flat!

My name is Ignacio , Mérida, MEX, 5 days ago

Thank you very much : ) !!!
He has found a place!
Kind regards,
Ignacio : ) !!!

SUNPIANO, Worthing, GBR, 27 days ago

I feel like the CS community isn't very active around Worthing, but more active in Brighton with events on several platforms for young people. Do you have any advice how to find young local groups. Driving or getting a train to Brighton everytime I want to do something seems quite expensive.

I have also created a Facebook group that you can join if you are 25-39 and live around Worthing, West Sussex:

  • social activities
  • worthing
  • 25-39 year olds

Rowan , Brighton, GBR, 21 days ago

Hey, Yes the Brighton group is quite active with weekly meets ups. I work in Worthing and live in Hove though...
Will have a look at your FB group )

Elijah MC , Brighton, GBR, 20 days ago

Id say brighton too. There are couchsurfing gatherings that some of the CSers enjoy. Outside of that, my thin is the gym. I could help you get settled at the gym if that was your thing. Thats all i can offer really

CLEMA , Arundel, GBR, 12 days ago

hey, thanks I will join the in the Area, near Arundel and I know anybody over here!!

Andrea Gutiérrez, Bournemouth, GBR, 29 days ago

Hi there! Coming down to Brighton from Bournemout the next tuesday (6th of september). Need a place to stay in the night of the concert and got a spare ticket to attend, which would be my reward to the person who hosts me. Hit me up if you're interested! :) Thanks for reading!

  • gigs

Elijah MC , Brighton, GBR, 28 days ago

ill host ya and go to the gig. sounds like fun! :)

Ana Ortega , Brighton, GBR, 28 days ago

Try better in the Facebook group, it seems more active! Good luck!

Orphz Zoupanos , Brighton, GBR, 26 days ago

This gig exchange post is bloody great! King Gizzard are absolutely amazing - have a good one!

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Irene Vannucci, Turin, ITA, 30 days ago

  • language

Luke Bramley , Horsham, GBR, 28 days ago


I have a TEFL certificate and have taught in China for many years but I'm not sure what kind of tutoring you need for ielts.


Irene Vannucci , Turin, ITA, 30 days ago

Hi everyone! I'll be in Newhaven the last week of September until the finish of October ( or more, but I'm uncertain). Is there someone that can help me to prepare IELTS exam? I'm free in the morning (9.30 am until 13 pm) I can pay £15 per hour. I need someone every day for 2 hours (Saturday and Sunday free).

Please, I'd like someone with teaching certification.
Thank you!