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Paula Gomez, Bogota, COL, 3 months ago

Hi everyone,
I´m looking for a German course, can you recommend a good place to study?




Meike Abt , Dortmund, DEU, 3 months ago

Hey Paula!

There are several possibilities, but which level are you looking for and do you want to get a certificate to study or just learn German for fun? For how long do you want to do that course and how many hours per week?

Steffi1511 , Essen, DEU, 3 months ago

Hola Paula :)

mira aquí:
La VHS de Dortmund ofrece dos cursos basicos de la lengua alemana. :) Además sería bien de hacer un tandem de lenguas con una persona alemana para practicarla. Si estás interesade, escríbeme un mensaje, me gusatría mucho hacer un tal tandem :)
Saludos, Steffi

Göksel Hamalı , Dortmund, DEU, 3 months ago

Hey Paula,
I also was searching it until today. Because i was looking for an evening or a weekend course. However i couldnt find any and decided to attend to morning ones. Yes there are some more possibilites you can contact with :
PDL (Munsterstrase 9-11) : 0231 83 98 22
Auslandsgesellschaft (next to the main train ststion) : 0231 838 00 71
Inlingua dortmund (in the city center) : 0232 149966-148074
My company has suggested me to go to auslandsgesellschaft,my companys owner sent her wife there before to learn german and she is a teacher now. Anyway im going to attend that one today. If you want to attend, for details, you can send a message to me ill explain everything but you need to decide quick; the lessons will start 13th June. And the deadline for registers is this thursday 9th June.
Take care and good luck,

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Nursyazwana Anwar, Singapore, SGP, 3 months ago

Hi, I'll be visiting Dortmund for a business trip next weekend. Aside from the football match, what other things can I do to spend my time there?

Manuel , Dortmund, DEU, 3 months ago

It depends what you want to do, for shopping the city center (Westenhellweg and Thier Gallerie) is very good, if the weather is good you can take a stroll around Phoenix See in Hörde or Westfalenpark with a visit of Florian Turm (high television tower), on Sunday there is a flea market in the Westpark, a little bit alternative park in Dortmund. You can visit some former industrial area like Phoenix West (just next to Phoenix See) or Kokerei Hansa (check for opening hours or guided tours). If you leave Dortmund you can also visit cultural heritage sites in Bochum or Essen.
You can also visit the whole U building in Dortmund (you will recognize the big golden U on it), there are several museums with temporal exhibitions and have access to the roof where you have also a nice overview over the city.
If you are interested in food I have many recommendations, just let me know what you prefer. Same for evening activities.

Lisa, Norbert & Juan B. , Dortmund, DEU, 3 months ago

If you like chocolate try Pott au Chocolat in the city center. They have tasty pralines, chocolate, macarons and ice cream. Hot chocolate in various kinds - even chili- is offered, too.

Maybe I'll have some free time next week, so if you need someone to show you around or to have a hot chocolate with, just tell me :)

Yigit Ugur , Paris, FRA, 3 months ago

nothing to do in ruhr area :) take a train and go to dusseldorf or munster

Rares Dumitras, Bratislava, SVK, 3 months ago


I just found out that the 1st of November is a public holiday in North Westphalia, which is not so much an advantage for a tourist. Since I haven't traveled to Germany so far, I want to ask if there might be any museums open; basically, are there any things to do in the city on that day? Also, are there any places where you can shopping?

With regard to public transport, what kind of ticket should I buy so that I can travel without worries during the whole weekend?

Lastly, is there any smartphone app for Android with the bus timetables in Dortmund?

Any tips would be truly appreciated! :)

Yigit Ugur , Paris, FRA, 3 months ago

vrr is the app for the public transport in nrw state.
since its holiday, everything is almost closed in saturday. but for this week, sunday in the afternoon shops are open.
Im not sure about museums, you better check on the websites of museums.
if you come for weekend, you can buy weekend ticket for nrw. so you can travel in all state.
I am also new in germany, so if I'm wrong about something please correct me.

Sebastian Bremicker , Dortmund, DEU, 3 months ago

So, as an app I'd recommend - it's multilingual. You can also enter full addresses and it'll point you to the nearest bus stop. And the "realtime information" is quite accurate.

There is no ticket for the whole weekend. Transit fares really rise my blood pressure, there is no logic behind it. If you stay in Dortmund you can take a day ticket Tagesticket A for € 6.50, the English page of VRR does not offer detailed information though (there's a PDF with too much information for download).

Easiest way would be to team up with someone as most students or commuters have a ticket they can take someone with them in the whole area of VRR.

Museums are open, but in Germany they aren't free (student discount available). The only free one in would be Steinwache Memorial behind the main station, if you're into German history 1933-45, also see my page "For free in Dortmund" if you like.

On Saturday there's no shopping, it's a public holiday, and as Sundays, we take them seriously. In Dortmund the shops will be open as an exception on this Sunday from 1pm to 6pm.

What to do? I'm also desperatly looking for anything to recommend on Saturday, that's why I created the event you already found. It's not the season for public organized events any more, we're now waiting for the christmas markets to open in 3 weeks ;)

Enjoy your stay, maybe see you on Saturday.

Rares Dumitras , Bratislava, SVK, 3 months ago

Thanks so much Sebastian, this helped me a lot in planning my trip. If I don't get lost in the city (less likely) we will see each other on Saturday. See you! :)

DJ Yabs, Essen, DEU, 3 months ago

Hi guys,

Is there a place where you can buy velvet cloth and iron-on letters (letters that you cna iron or sew on a tshirt) in Essen? Thanks!

MEDITATIONZEN , Oberhausen, DEU, 3 months ago

Maybe this is also a possibility :
On cotton it looks quite good. You only have to choose if the clothes are dark or white, this is important.

DJ Yabs , Essen, DEU, 3 months ago

Thanks for this. I will check it!

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Nikolai Shekhovtcov, Dortmund, DEU, 3 months ago

hi folks!
I just moved to Dortmund for a long term and looking for a second hand bike! Does anybody know what is the best place to find it? Or is there any online services?
hope for your advices!

ANUPB , Dortmund, DEU, 3 months ago