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There are 46 questions in Bonn, Germany

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Vera Klacar, Tivat, MNE, 2 months ago

Hello people.... One question....:) I am new here, totally new.... Does anyone knows some nice, not expensive spa- wellness place, for weekend resting? :)
Thank you.

Holger Queck , Sinzig, DEU, 2 months ago

Rheinbach: Montemare (fine and best for kids)
Grafschaft: Pannorama Sauna (less expensive, large out-door)
Königswinter Saunapark Siebengebirge (less expensive, large out-door with a creek to walk through)
Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler: Ahrtherme (fine)

All of them can be combind with a nice walk/ hiking
In Bonn itselfs, there is no large Spa or Beauty Spas, only smaller Saunas I cannot recomment or haven't been yet.
Have fun :)

Vera Klacar , Tivat, MNE, 2 months ago

Thank you. Thank you. :) I will take a look.

Carsten Christ , Bonn, DEU, 2 months ago

Hey Vera,
There is also a new Wellness Spa in Euskirchen near to Bonn. You can take the S23 from Bonn Central Station to Euskirchen. I did Not Check the Spa yet and I dont know whether it is good, but maybe there are some references in the Internet :)


Valeriy Minenko, Kyiv, UKR, 2 months ago


I'm planning to visit Cologne this August (14-21th). Could you advice me the best way/website to find room/apartment/room in hotel for this time? I already checked Booking and Airbnb but they seem have not so many options to choose, and they are rather expensive. Are there any other options for me?


Achim , Bonn, DEU, 2 months ago

I wonder why you don't asked for a free place at a couchsurfing host....?

Chris , Pforzheim, DEU, 2 months ago

Hello Val,
how much do you want to spend per night?

There are many cheap options at airbnb near the city centre, like 20€/night.

Also you can take a look here:

That's already very cheap, even cheaper than the Jugendherberge. Hostels/Koeln-Deutz450/

Valeriy Minenko , Kyiv, UKR, 2 months ago

Hi Chris!

Many thanks for your help! I already found a room. It is actually not cheap at all. But it seems that during the gamescom prices are really changed from usual one. Anyway I don't need now to sleep on bench in a part, so I'm happy about it :)

5 total anwers to this question

Mohamed Bako, Bonn, DEU, 2 months ago

İ m coming to Bonn for an İntership. İ m actually a Graduate Student in Ankara in Turkey. İ will be glad if you can assiste me in Bonn. I need place to stay for a week. I need also costs for transportation bus Bus and MEtro..Thankx

ANDREAS T. , Bonn, DEU, 2 months ago

Hallo Stefan,

Not really a helping attitude towards Mohamed I would dare to say. No need to talk when you dont have really nothing to say.

For accomodation unfortunately i can't assist you but if you need any other info let me know.



Stefan Waldvogel , Freiburg, DEU, 2 months ago

use the thing that is called Google. As a graduate student you can do this, I am sure :).
Google knows:
A single ticket cost 2,80 Euro, a day ticket 7,00 Euro, a 4er Ticket 10,70 Euro.

Maria Muszynska , Bonn, DEU, 2 months ago

Then there is also a ticket for the whole week.
My last couchsurfer moved around Bonn with one that costs 17,90€.
It might be a little bit more expensive if you want to travel further. Bus/metro are included in one ticket.

I still have a couchsurfer over, so i can't host you.

Believe it or not, understanding the transportation fee in bonn is not easy for most of my visitors.
I totally understand this question, especially since it took me in total at least one hour to understand the system.

5 total anwers to this question

Saya Bea, Buenos Aires, ARG, 2 months ago

Hallo an Alle!
Does anyone know how I can get to Bonn from Frankfurt airport? I look for in Flixbus website, but the bus leaves from train station.

Danke im voraus!

Simon Bergmann , Bonn, DEU, 2 months ago

Hola Saya,

puedes utilizar el tren de ICE a Siegburg y cambiar en Siegburg a Bonn
eso es muy rapido pero el precio es creo qué más o menos 65€
Supongo Flixbus él conduce sólo a Köln pero la conection con el tren a Bonn es fácil.
Cuando nececitas más ayuda me dime!

Perdón por mi español saludos y mucho suerte Simon

Saya Bea , Buenos Aires, ARG, 2 months ago

Hola Simon! Muchas gracias!!!
Una vez me fui en tren a Bonn, y casi me voy para otro lado, porque me subi en la parte de adelante del tren, y no sabia que el tren despues se separaba! y ademas se atrasó bastante, y tambien me costó mucho subir y bajar mi gran valija! hahha. Por lo cual, en realidad, prefiero tomarme un Bus que sea directo. Estuve averiguando en Flixbus, y sale desde la estacion central de Frankfurt y no del Aeropuerto, y perderia mucho tiempo. Por eso queria saber si habia algun bus directo desde el aeropuerto a Bonn (en realidad mi destino final es Köln, pero por lo que estuve mirando Flixbus no va mas a Köln, puede ser? creo que llega hasta Leverkusen.. , y por eso decidi ir a Bonn por una noche)

PD Tu español es perfecto!

Daniel Rozas , Bonn, DEU, 2 months ago

Hola Saya,
Revisa esta web.

Ahí encuentras un bus que te parte en el aeropuerto (Frankfurt Flughafen) y te deja en Bonn. Espero te sirva!


Saori :), Paris, FRA, about 1 month ago

  • solo travel

KCIRTAP , Cologne, DEU, about 1 month ago

you should definitely go to "Bei Oma Kleinmann"

Saori :) , Paris, FRA, about 1 month ago

Thank you!

Thomas Fangmeyer , Cologne, DEU, about 1 month ago

That's right. One of the best and also in a nice party area "Zülpicher Straße".