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simindokht mobarak abadi, Tehran, IRN, about 2 months ago


This is simindokht from Iran. I'm moving in stuttgart next month for continuing my master degree in stuttgart university. I have this idea in my head to start a bike traveling around stuttgrat. but i don't have any idea how could i make it happen or how could i arrange that.
anyone knows if there is any community or group which i could join? and i appreciate any useful tips.

Sven Achi , Stuttgart, DEU, about 2 months ago

Stuttgart is great area to ride your bike. When going down town, I am taking public transport, but for anything else, I take my bike. I have done a few overnighters now and they were a blast. There is so much to discover, that you would not see otherwise. I don't know about communities, but I can provide you with tips, places to go or tours (I filmed my last trip, it should be finished soon).
Additionally, there's the Critical Mass every first friday of the month, you should defindetly check this out!

Cheers, Sven :)

Evelyn , Erligheim, DEU, about 2 months ago

Hey Simindokht, I just read about the "Enztalradweg" in the newspaper and it seems very nice. Maybe we could go on a daytour, see how far we come and take the train back to Stuttgart. Just contact me when you arrived :)

Chris , Pforzheim, DEU, 15 days ago

Hey, who'd already cycle the Enztalradweg?

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Michelle Lim, Singapore, SGP, about 2 months ago


I am heading to stuttgart with a friend! He has a car so we can drive around but we are looking to see more nature, less of city sights!

Can I have some advice as of where is good to take a walk/visit or do some trekking for the weekends.

Also, we are salsa dancers and wondering where we can social dance!

Thank you!

Birk , Stuttgart, DEU, about 2 months ago


On Sundays there is some social dancing at "NIL - Cafe am See" located in the city center / palace garden. Depending on the weekend there are more possibilities. When are you visiting Stuttgart? (In general people here are more into Cuban salsa style than LA / NY style as in Singapore.)

For a nice hike, you can choose the "Blaustrümpfler Weg". It combines city with nature, hill with valley, two mountain railways. Pure walking time about 2 hours.

If you need more information, just ask...

Michelle Lim , Singapore, SGP, about 2 months ago

Thanks Birk! I will message you! (:

Beat Abelein , Stuttgart, DEU, about 2 months ago

I really like the Uracher Waterfalls. It's about 50 min from Stuttgart. Really nice nature with a lovely river.
There are also a lot of Castles on the schwäbischen Alb.
And if you like to go Shopping, Metzinger Outlet City ist your place.
If you want to drive further away I would request the Blautopf near Blaubeuren. It's a underwater cave.
My father Dances Salsa in the Schwanen in Waiblingen.
I have never been there but he likes it. Just check it out.
Have fun
Greetings Beat

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Alexandru Neicu, Cluj-Napoca, ROU, about 2 months ago


I am staying in Stuttgart for about a month and a half, and i think that moving around by bike will be better and cheaper than by train/metro...

Can anyone guide me into buying a cheap used bike? I'm probably not going to take it back with me when I'll leave so I don't really care how it looks, it must be in good working condition and it must have gears (I've noticed Stuttgart has a lot of hills, so...).


Alexandru Neicu , Cluj-Napoca, ROU, about 2 months ago

Ok, thanks Chris!

BEPPI , Stuttgart, DEU, about 2 months ago

The bicycle service stations run by Neue Arbeit, a charity that helps disabled and unemployed, restore and sell bicycles, too:

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Daniel Jite, London, GBR, about 2 months ago

Due to the crazy prices of the oktoberfest I am unable to make it back to London on time for work physically ( im getting the evening flight out of stuttgart), but I can work remotely, but would need a place with a decent PC and decent WIFI to be able to work.

Would anyone know of some kind of office space ( or if you could lend me your desktop for 8 hours and I can offer you lots of beers and coffees in return?)

Thanks for your help!

Daniel Jite , London, GBR, about 2 months ago

Or just a cool coffee shop if you can recommend one?

Roeland H. , Stuttgart, DEU, about 2 months ago

in case you are looking for commercial office space, you might check

Thomas Kiefer, Stuttgart, DEU, 18 days ago

I'm no professional, but I like Squash a lot :)

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Beat Abelein , Stuttgart, DEU, 15 days ago

I just played it ones and loved it. So i wanna give it another try. Do you know a location?

Stefan Ka , Stuttgart, DEU, 15 days ago

Hey. I would also like to join you.
I went to the puls&wellness fittnessclub a couple of times. They have 2 courts. ( you don't need to be a member to book them)

puls fit & wellnessclub / Stuttgart

Thomas Kiefer , Stuttgart, DEU, 14 days ago

Hey Jungs (ich denk ich kann deutsch schreiben oder?^^)
Ich hab mir vor n paar Tagen nen Hexenschuss zugezogen - passiert anscheinend auch mal nem 29jährigen :D . Daher will ich gerade n Bisschen vorsichtig sein. Aber in 1-2 Wochen bin ich supergern bereit, mal ne Runde Squash zu spielen. Außer dem Puls am Berliner Platz kenn ich leider auch keine andere Möglichkeit in der Innenstadt aber an sich ist das nicht schlecht. Also sagt Bescheid, wenn ihr in ~10 Tagen mal Lust habt. Von mir aus gern Nachmittags oder Abends, unter der Woche oder am Wochenende :)

puls fit & wellnessclub / Stuttgart