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Magdalena Kochan, Edinburgh, GBR, about 2 months ago

Hi guys!
Scotland is a capital of golf and is surrounded by wide range of different fields - does anyone knows a good and affordable club where I could try this sport? I have never done it before, I can just imagine, that during the first lesson I will mainly focus on accuracy and with a pinch of luck manage to hit the ball :)
Any recommendation where I can try it without signing to a club are welcome!

Sohan Seth , Edinburgh, GBR, about 2 months ago

I haven't tried it myself but this might help: http://www.golftavern.co.uk/golf.php

Magdalena Kochan , Edinburgh, GBR, about 2 months ago

I meant real golf, not a restaurant :) thanks

Mark Wallace , Edinburgh, GBR, about 2 months ago

Came here to say the same as Sohan. If you've never played before and just want to have a go, the short course by the meadows is good fun.

There's also a putting course near Gyle shopping center

What you probably need is a driving range, but I have a colleague who regularly complains there isn't one in Edinburgh. I think you have to go west a bit to find one.

Lea Sivertsen, Copenhagen, DNK, about 2 months ago

I'm planning on going to Edinburgh late July.
Where would you recommend me go shopping? Is there any nice second hand stores?

I'm not looking for anything particular, just trying not to buy clothes which are black/grey/dark. We Danes tend to always wear black.

Best regards

Brianna Sommer , Edinburgh, GBR, about 1 month ago

Nicholson Street/Clerk Street have the best charity shops for the cheapest prices. I highly recommend The Shrub-- it's a co-op that definitely has the cheapest prices, but they have funky hours so check online before going.

Yin Yin , London, GBR, about 2 months ago

Hi Lea,

There is a really nice vintage clothes shop on Grassmarket called Armstrong, its a big red building.

I also find that Stockbridge has a good selection of charity shops - I go shopping there myself. Stockbridge itself is worth a little stroll, along the Water of Leith and nice coffee shop/ eateries around there too if you need a break :)

For the commercial shops, there is Princes Street/ George Street/ Thistle Street - all in centre of town.

Lea Sivertsen , Copenhagen, DNK, about 2 months ago

Hi Yin
Thank you so much for the great advises.
I'll definitely see if I can check it out :)

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Shrikant Shet, Goregaon, IND, about 2 months ago

Will be exploring Scotland - Edinburgh from 25 to 29 August! Looking for individuals or groups to explore with. Suggestions to plan itinerary are welcomed.

Arindam Chakraborty , London, GBR, about 2 months ago

I have my plan for september 17 and 18th

Rory White , Edinburgh, GBR, about 1 month ago

Hey folks, I made an event for Saturday night https://www.couchsurfing.com/events/new-meetup-in-folk-music-pubs-edinburgh come along!

Alessandra Crusi , Perugia, ITA, 14 days ago

I'm going to visit Edinburgh today (sunday 11th sept). Somebody would enjoy to have awalk and a beer together? :)

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Marti Trybusiewicz, Warsaw, POL, about 2 months ago

I'll be in Edinburgh and will need to get GBP, where do you usually do the exchange? Please don't say at the airport/in a bank! I'd like to avoid high exchange rates, is there any exchange point in the city and where?
Thanks a lot

Marti Trybusiewicz , Warsaw, POL, about 2 months ago

Ok so I book online and pay them in the office right?

jonmor , Edinburgh, GBR, about 2 months ago

when I travel (in Portugal A.T.M.) I find the best rates you get are when you go to a cash machine and take it from you bank acc, works best for me, don't have to carry lots of cash about too.

Mahmoud Dinana , Edinburgh, GBR, about 2 months ago

no1currency has the best rates and 0% commission, and when you book online you even get a better rate :D

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Omur Gurkan, Istanbul, TUR, about 2 months ago

Hi guys,

I will be visiting Edinburgh on May 23 and 24 and I want to experience some local Whisky Distilleries.

I do not want to go to touristic spots. Can you recommend some local, not-so-expensive, cool whiskey distilleries to taste some awesome whiskey?

David Crighton , Edinburgh, GBR, about 2 months ago

There is only one distillery nearby, Glenkinchie. A nice, soft, easy drinking Whisky from the Lowland region.

If it's just a general whisky experience you want I suggest you check out the Scotch Whisky Experiance. It's a stone throw away from the castle (unfortunately right in tourist central) with guided tours at different prices depending how in depth you wish to get. Although not a working distillery it provides a good tour showing how it is made and answering the many questions you will no doubt have!

While your in Edinburgh I suggest you check out my bar, The Jolly Judge. It's down a wee close off of the Royal mile beside the castle!

I hope you enjoy your time in this wonderful city!


Omur Gurkan , Istanbul, TUR, about 2 months ago

Hi David, Thanks for your response.

Actually I aim to taste some nice whisky. I will check your suggestions.

Your bar is cool. I will definitely stop by there!