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There are 40 questions in Seville, Spain

Jakob Ørmen, Oslo, NOR, about 2 months ago

I am moving to Seville on the 28th of August, staying to the 31st of January. Maybe even a little longer. The apartment I was supposed to rent, is not available after all... So do any of you guys living in Seville know of an apartment or a room for rent - preferably somewhere in the city centre - please let me know! Regards :-)

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Mariano Cuesta , Tomares, ESP, about 2 months ago

I live on an small town 7 kms far away till the center. It's good linked with metro and bus. what do you say? ;)


Georgette Chimali , Sevilla, ESP, about 1 month ago

Hi! I have a room for rent. If you are still interested you can write and ask! Nice too meet you!

Juani Camoi , Sevilla, ESP, about 2 months ago

Hola , en los remedios ,c/ Juan Ramón Jiménez tiene mi hermano una habitación para alquilar .El no sabe inglés,su hija si. Puedes llamar a Antonio 629 51 78 05 , o a su hija Julia 678 400144

Kanya Lalala, Bangkok, THA, 2 months ago

Any recommendations on a nice area I should find a place to stay? We are 2 Asian women, not party but chill style.

We'll travel from Madrid in last week of Aug.
See you soon :-)
Greetings from Bangkok.


Francisco Javier Sanchez Garcia , Seville, ESP, 2 months ago

Give it a try in Oasis Backpackers Palace, is well located and seemed good. Good areas are any of the old districts (Mostly Santa Cruz).

Rafael Rodríguez , Seville, ESP, 2 months ago

Alameda de Hércules. Youngest area of the city

Gabriel Lamadrid , Sevilla, ESP, 2 months ago

Arenal, no doubt. Oasis is a good option btw.

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Makaila England, Seville, ESP, 2 months ago

My dad is coming to Sevilla and I wanted a few tips on what would be good to do.

Samuel Medina , Sevilla, ESP, 2 months ago

Maybe if you are more specific about when he is coming and what kind of things you would like to do we can give you ideas

Filippos Arthouros , Granada, ESP, 2 months ago

There's a bunch of museum suggestions here if you're interested:

Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez , Sevilla, ESP, 2 months ago

Def bring him to the most important sights: Plaza de España, Alcazar and Cathedral (and up the Giralda tower) are some of them.
Then of course go for the local cuisine, fetch some tapas where we locals go.
If you need more specific info on some topic, do let me know by private msg :)

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Dania EL Saadi, Dubai, ARE, 2 months ago

Does anyone know a good flamenco show to book?

Eliane Gomes , Seville, ESP, about 1 month ago

Hello unfortunately they close LA carboneria that was the only nice and free place that I knew for see flamenco 😢

Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez , Sevilla, ESP, 2 months ago

Hi Dania!
If you're still interested let me know, I for sure can help and most likely get you a good discount. PM me if you want :)


Alejandro Cañizares , Sevilla, ESP, 2 months ago

No need to book Dania! La Carbonería (Levíes street - Santa Cruz quarter). An authentic free daily show from 23:00 onwards. Hope that helps! ;)

Barbora Mrazova, Nuremberg, DEU, 2 months ago

Hey guys,

I was wondering if you have any tips where to look for a long-term accommodation in Sevilla. I will be studying as an Erasmus student at the university of Sevilla from September till February and therefore, I am looking for a private room in a shared flat to rent. Any recommendations are more than welcomed, e.g. websites, which area to choose etc. :)


Mahmoud Traore , Seville, ESP, 2 months ago

Hola Barbora como estas? E mi casa tendremos un cuarto por si te quiere quedarte lo? Pero solo tenemos que saberlo con tiempo ? Si hay pegunta que quiera hacerme aqui estoy. gracias un saludo. Vivo en el bario Alameda

Manon Dolet , Sevilla, ESP, 2 months ago

Hey Barbora,
Welcome to Seville! You'll see that it's quite easy to find a room in a shared-flat in the city.
The most famous websites for this are: and
Regarding the area, it depends a bit what you're into really and where your uni is located. However, you'll also realise that Seville is relatively small (in terms of places you would like to live in and hang out). Triana and the Casco Antigo in general are good places to start. My advice would be to firstly come and rent out an Airbnb for a week or so and look once you're in the city. That's how you'll get the feel of where you want to live and it'll be much easier for you.
Good luck!

Barbora Mrazova , Nuremberg, DEU, 2 months ago

Thanks so much for the answers! :)