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Jeffrey, , USA, about 1 month ago

Hi Guys! I'm coming to Madrid on August 27-28 to Shoot a Short Fashion Film and I am Looking for a Few Models and a Photographer who would like to be a part of the Project! Thanks!!

  • fashion
  • photography
  • models
  • fashion design

Javier , San Carlos de Bariloche, ARG, about 1 month ago

Hello Jeffrey, how are you? can you tell me more about your project?
you can see my work here: and here

Please feel free to contact me at Thank you!

Yolanda Fanlo , Madrid, ESP, about 1 month ago

Hello Jeffrey! I might be interested. How can we contact, please? this is my email address, so if you provide me yours I can foward my cv.

Many thanks


fb fabi , Brussels, BEL, about 1 month ago

Hello Jeffrey, I am also interested, let me know more details, besos, Jana

Andreja Prpic, Madrid, ESP, 2 months ago

I'm new in town and I don't know where to go dancing on a Saturday night. (or any night). I don't like electronic music, reagge nor salsa. I don't want to join one of the pub crawl events cause by the time they reach a club, I will be sleeping :D. Any suggestions? Preferably no cover charge too.
Any advice appreciated

marcoh P , Madrid, ESP, 2 months ago


see below a list of a few clubs (open till 6:00 am) that you can find in Madrid - no electronic, no reagge, no salsa:

- 8 y medio (indie music).
- Independance Club (indie music).
- Intruso Bar (Djs everynight, check out the program at the website in advance).
- Sala Clamores (normally funk & soul, check out in advance the program).
- Sala El Sol - "El Fabuloso" only on Fridays (50s, 60s, rock'n roll, garage, soul, surf).
- Sala Caravan (as I remember kind of Spanish and international rock and indie music).
- Sala Barco (mix of rock, indie, also electronic classics, ...).
- Honky Tonk (indie, 60s, 70s, 80s, new wave, soul, mod, Spanish pop. Take a look of the program at the website before going).
- Moby Dick (indie, rock, pop, funk, disco, 80s, 90s, 00s. Take a look of the program first).

And many more that I don't remember now and maybe other locals can share.


Paulo Cesar Salazar , Madrid, ESP, 2 months ago

try the jungle on satudays, Serrano 41

Andreja Prpic , Madrid, ESP, about 1 month ago

Thank you so much guys. I got busy and then left Madrid but Im coming back and will try out your advice. Thanks!

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Camilla Panduro, Aarhus, DNK, 2 months ago

Hey everyone!
My brother is graduating soon, and he wants to travel around Spain.
Can you recommend any books that gives an insight to Spain - the spanish way of living, eating, loving, what ever :)
A book that gives a "sense" of Spain.

Hope someone can help :)


Elena Andrade , Madrid, ESP, about 1 month ago

If you're looking for films too, La Isla Mínima, Celda 211 and La Voz Dormida are nice, too

Elodie Rousselot , Madrid, ESP, 23 days ago

Hi Camilla!! I would definitely recommend Laurie Lee, As I walked out one Midsummer morning.

It is a book about a young enligh man that leaves London to start travelling around Spain. Definitely the ultimate trip book for Spain :)


Elise Marengo , Madrid, ESP, 2 months ago

Hello Camilla! This is definitely more on the "touristy" side of things but the Lonely Planet books regarding Spain do a pretty good job. One book I have really enjoyed about Spanish History, but also gives you a little insight into how Spains' recent history has shaped the way people live now is called Ghosts of Spain, I cant recommend it enough. Wish your brother luck!

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Luis Sevilla, Tegucigalpa, HND, 2 months ago

I will soon start a tour around Europe and still have not decided how to move between cities. I would like to get advice on how to get train tickets. Which websites are reliable and what recommendations would you give me?

Raulete Herrero , Madrid, ESP, 2 months ago

on Spain if you buy in advance like a month or so its much cheaper

Pedro Jesús González Viguera , Madrid, ESP, about 2 months ago

In Spain, you may want to check (car sharing) and if you are looking for cheap options, sometimes it could be much cheaper to travel by plane ( rather than by train. (Although it may eventually take longer if you take into account check-in, then reaching the city center...)

Ilde Conde , Madrid, ESP, 2 months ago

En España olvídate de trenes y buses.usa coche

María de la Cruz , Madrid, ESP, 10 days ago

Hola! Qué os parece quedar para el próximo fin de semana 24 o 25? Podemos hacer una ruta fotográfica :) Seguro que alguna persona más se apunta. Evento

Ana , Madrid, ESP, 10 days ago

¡Hola! Soy madrileña y me gusta la fotografía así que sería divertido una quedada . Yo sábado 24 si es por la mañana puedo =)

Juan Antonio , Madrid, ESP, 9 days ago

También me encantaría, pero ese finde no estoy en Madrid, si podemos quedar nuevamente otro finde, me apunto!!