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YAOYAO JIN, Lisbon, PRT, 2 months ago

Hola buenos dias, soy Yaoyao de China y vivo en portugal, queria hazer algo voluntario en algun hostal en Granada durante 12 dias, alguien me puede dar consejos? Gracias:)

Herve Thomas , Granada, ESP, 2 months ago

YAOYAO JIN , Lisbon, PRT, 2 months ago

Can I contact them without registration?

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Filippos Arthouros, Granada, ESP, 2 months ago

Does anyone know if there is any pub or bar that show the 6 Nations games in Granada?

Herve Thomas , Granada, ESP, 2 months ago

Hi Filippos,

The Irish pub Hannigans (calle Cetti Meriem, in the center) is showing the 6th Nations for sure!

Also, in calle Alhamar there is a new bar called "5 Naciones". As its name indicates (in spite of the absence of the 6th nation, aka Italy) it's a kind of sports bar, and there is an event there tonight if you want to check it out :

Filippos Arthouros , Granada, ESP, 2 months ago

Great cheers!

Aroha Rodríguez , Granada, ESP, 2 months ago

You can also watch it at Paddy's (Realejo).

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Lauren Chomyn, Edmonton, CAN, 2 months ago

My boyfriend and I will be doing a trip of southern Spain and staying in Granada for 3-4 days in mid-June. I have done a whirlwind tour of Granada, Seville and Cordoba before, but it was really site-driven (as in, we ran from one "big site" in a tour book to the next) and we didn't really have time to take in the local culture. This time, we want to experience things more and not be so stuck on what sites we see, but more so on what we do/experience/who we meet (other than tourists at busy attractions!).

In your opinion, what are some of the best experiences to have in Granada or southern Spain? For example, if someone were visiting my city from another country, I would say the top experiences to understand the local culture would be to rent a pair of skates and play hockey, go to a beautiful farmer's market downtown, have a bonfire in the park, and go for a walk through the river valley. I'm curious as to what you would recommend for us :) Thanks!

Fernando Smolders , Granada, ESP, about 2 months ago

I would say the caves of sacromonte, try to interact with the people living in them and maybe have a tea or chat with one of them hahaha that's authentic, or dance to the beat of the drums from the Africans also living in those caves :D
Go for tapas in place not located at the city center but more on the outside of the main attractions(you will be surprised by the bigger portions)
Go to a bodega and taste different wines from around Granada(mostly sweet wines)

Rafael Bitencourt , Brasília, BRA, 2 months ago

Hey, the main attraction in Granda is the Alhambra. It is really busy and you need to book it at least with 1 month in advance. So I advise you to do that as soon as possible. Granada is also famous for its Arabic influence. Here you can find really good tea shops with Arabic food. Also visit the Arabic neighborhood of Albaycin. Going out for tapas is also a tradition here. Tapas is the food that is served in a bar with the drink you order. Paying 2 euros you can have a glass of beer or into de Verano and eat a nice portion of food. With 2 tapas, most of the people are done hehe close to Granada is also the park of Sierra Nevada in June I think you won't be able to see snow, you can find cool hikings there. Hope it helps you. Any more doubt, message me. Enjoy Granada!

Cindy Nguyen , Adelaide, AUS, 2 months ago

Great advice Rafael. Thanks! Ill be there on Sunday :D

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Can Özek, Barcelona, ESP, 2 months ago

Hello friends. I want to come to spain this winter break ( february) for learning spanish. I find a lot of spanish courses in Granada. But just in case i am searching which is the best for education. So , do you have any ideas.? I am thinking that "Proyecto Espanol" is good option but i am waiting your opinions also. Thanx a lot

Thomas Willisch , Granada, ESP, about 2 months ago

Escuela Delengua is amazing. Cheap, small classes, great teachers, top location 5 min from Plaza Nueva! I can highly recommend it

Irene Morillas , Granada, ESP, 2 months ago

Hi Can!

I don't know about "protecto español". But it's very famous acdemy "CLM" which is of Univeristy of Granada (couses, activities, a lot foreign and spanish students)

You can watch the website (hours, classes, etc) Maybe it's a good option for you :)

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Yann Le Bras, Freiburg im Breisgau, DEU, 2 months ago

I'm coming soon to Granada, stay for a week and I'd like to take flamenco guitar lessons, I have an intermediate level. Do you have any recommandations?

Eric van Rees , Granada, ESP, 2 months ago offers intensive courses, but there are more options, offers on messageboards in bars for exame. see also