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Lisa Jonk, Almere, NLD, 2 months ago

Hi All,
I (Lisa, student Dutch language) am looking for someone who wants to show us (31 students from Amsterdam) around :)
Weve already planned a route so just have to talk a little ;)
Dutch candy and a drink in return

Rui Nogueira da Costa , Porto, PRT, 2 months ago

31 Duch people! Well that's a challenge!

Lucia Pascuttini , Porto, PRT, 2 months ago

I can show you around and have a tour but I dont know so much to talk about the things

Rui Vaz , Porto, PRT, 2 months ago

You got me at dutch candy and drinks. 31 students is indeed a lot, your travel route should take that in account. I'm moving to The Netherlands this year so it would be an awesome experience for me too. I'm not a tour guide but I've lived in Porto long enough to know my way around (31 years haha). Let me know if you're interested.

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Eileen Bradley, Porto, PRT, 2 months ago

Hi all :)

I might be moving to Porto soon, and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the average cost of living is?

Especially in regards to rent, as I am having some trouble finding out online. How much would it be for a room and how much for an apartment for instance?

And how much would grocery shopping for one person be? I don't eat truffles or drink champagne in general, so just normal stuff ;)

Hope someone can help me out and maybe see you in Porto soon!



Rodrigo , Porto, PRT, 2 months ago

Do your market research on rents here:


300 euros per month should be enough for a decent room of your own in an apartment. A very generous meal at a restaurant can be had for 10 euros. A good bottle of white wine costs 3.5 euros.

Rui , Porto, PRT, 2 months ago

You can try to find something in a website call idealista... i think that you can find something that you like.

Eileen Bradley , Porto, PRT, 2 months ago

Thank you both for your answers! :)

I have a clearer idea of what I will need to earn now, so I can work from there.

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ALEXB83, Geneva, CHE, 2 months ago


I am planning to go to Porto in a couple of weeks and I am thinking of renting a car to be able to visit the surroundings of the city and go to the nearby cities.

But I still want to visit Porto, so I was wondering how easy is it to find parking places in Porto itself. How much does it usually cost if I want to leave the car in the same places for several hours? Is it expensive?

Thanks in advance for your help!



Ines Carvalho , Porto, PRT, 2 months ago

There are a couple of private parking in the city center and also parking on the street.
Guys, correct me if I'm wrong, but last time I parked on the street was 50cents per hour. I also parked in a private and it cost me 4€ per 2 hours. You can also park outside the city and get on the train or park nearby and just walk. Along the bridge Ponte D. Luis, you will find some parking for free (not many though). Depending on which cities you r planning to visit, the train runs to some of the near towns like Guimarães, Braga etc..Enjoy!

ALEXB83 , Geneva, CHE, 2 months ago

Thank you both for your answer. I am not sure yet whether I will rent a car or travel around with public transportation.

Joao Yohanan , Porto, PRT, 2 months ago

In the downtown are don t adventure with a car. The magic of Porto is walk through the city and get lost in the old streets. :)
And you have the train that you can even catch in downtown area in great Sao Bento station to go to Braga, Guimaraes, Aveiro (at least i hope it is still going). :)

If you want some tips on Porto, check out sites/blogs like:

- Porto's Agenda: http://www.visitporto.travel/Agenda/Paginas/ListEventosVertical.aspx?EvDtInicio=08/10/201

- OportoCool

- And this report i save a while ago can be an interesting read also for you: http://sivanaskayoblog.com/a-long-weekend-in-porto/ Hope it helps. Have a good time here!

PS: And to open that "appetite" :) http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YCOS97q_Yb4&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DYCOS97q_Yb4

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Paola Paris, , ESP, 2 months ago

Hi there!
Does anyone know of a hostel or luggage storage place that opens 24 hours? I have an early flight in Porto and I'm thinking I could see the town on a Friday night instead of paying to sleep in a hostel for a short hours. Any recommendations?

Rodrigo , Porto, PRT, 2 months ago

There are lockers at the São Bento train station, which is as central as it gets.

I don't know if the station is open all night, but it's open at 5 am.

Joao Pedro , Vila Nova de Gaia, PRT, 2 months ago

Hi there
There's a place at Trindade Metro Station but only open from 6am to 1am.

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Hanna F., Stuttgart, DEU, 2 months ago

Hi again!

Does anyone know any cool bars or clubs where I can dance Salsa or Forró in Porto? Please leave me a message! :)

Eduardo Abreu , Porto, PRT, 2 months ago

Hi hanna,
How are you?
I suggest you
Café Ceuta
Sabor Latino
Pedro Sousa (lessons)
Muxima (Gaia)