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Nadine Gruendler, Zurich, CHE, 2 months ago

Hi guys - I'm staying in Rabat for 3 month and i'd like to take a course in arabic calligraphy or going to a cooking class. Does anybody know a good adress?


ABDE ERRAHMANE ET TALMOUDI , Zagora, MAR, 2 months ago

hello everyone my name isABDO I live in TAGOUNIT Zagora hosted people coming here to the desert but me; I live with my family and people coming here hosted with my family to live a nomadic life but me;I take people coming with me ;I take to there for visited the desert for sleep under the star in bivouac and camel ind 4x4
so we have people coming your welcom any time
welcom to the desert hosteng , everybody
My name is ABDO i live in a small village next to the sahara desert... it is the end of the road and the gateway of the desert, it is called TAGOUNIT... it amazez everybody who visits it and tourists come from all over the world to visit it and discover its people and how they live and think. i like my village very much because it is quite and calm... so you are welcome to TAGOUNIT . do not be shy.... to contact to me. i am always at your service.
I invite everybody to come and visit me in my house. I like the history and tradition of my family and would like to share this with you

Youssef Yamani , Rabat, MAR, 2 months ago

welcome x) i can help u, check ur private messages

Amine Salim , Rabat, MAR, 2 months ago

Hi, i know a school to teach arabic, if you want you can send me a message.

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Nicole Sanderson, Rabat, MAR, 2 months ago

Hey Rabat, I want to join a gym. Are there any good, clean, and affordable gyms in Souissi/Agdal/Rabat???

Adil El Maifi , Rabat, MAR, 2 months ago

Hi nicole,

Chk this,,,

Lady Fitness Mega Mall (Fitness Rabat s.a.r.l)
Adresse: Bd Mohammed VI -ex Imam Malik, km 4.2, c.com. Mega Mall ,1°ét.
Tél.: 05 37 65 65 39



Nicole Sanderson , Rabat, MAR, 2 months ago

Thank you, Adil! Is it expensive?

Youssef Yamani , Rabat, MAR, 2 months ago

there are so many ^^ how much ur budget?

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Tanya Nikole, Lviv, UKR, 2 months ago

Hello to everybody :)
In a month I will travel to Morocco. I was looking for the hostel, but on different web-pages I found only one hostel in Rabat...it's so strange.
Advice me please a good one :) Thank you!

Med Poète , Kenitra, MAR, about 1 month ago

welcome to morocco :)

Youssef Yamani , Rabat, MAR, 2 months ago

there are plenty of hostels ^^ it depends how much are you willing to pay and how longer are you going to stay. and also you can have another alternative to hostel, like renting a small flat with airbnb there are some good one with good prices better than hostels ^^

Tanya Nikole , Lviv, UKR, 2 months ago

Thank you Youssef and Med for the answer!

I'm interested in only in hostel, not a host, not an apartment, not a hotel.
I'm going to stay 1 day. But how can be flat cheaper than the hostel?? don't understand - hostel not hotel.
well, usually for a hostel in another countries I pay less than 20-22 Є, so would be nice to find something not higher than this price.

If you have any suggestions, please tell me :)

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Till Bruckner, Dakar, SEN, 2 months ago

Hi, I'm looking for a good martial arts school in Rabat or Sale. Ideally kung fu, but also karate or other disciplines . Any suggestions?

Je cherche une bonne ecole des artes martiales en Rabat o Sale. Idealement kung fu, mais ca pourrait aussi etre karate o une otre forme de combate. Des recommendations?

kate Heddy , Sale, MAR, 2 months ago

there's a lot of " clubs " ans associations for martial arts you may found in rabat or salé , but if i could give u an advice, try " FUS club " or "stade marocain" i've been in both , good training , great atmosphere. and if you are looking for a specific discipline , u can inbox me, i can give u some contacts in the area
or if u'r interesting by the free fight or MMA there's as it seems a nice club in kenitra . i'll get in next month maybe and tell ya

Jihad Jorio , Rabat, MAR, 2 months ago

Same here. I have tried the FUS club and the coach is excellent. Not much space but you will be sweating like never before especially during the first 15 intensive minutes!

oragan73 Benayad , Rabat, MAR, 2 months ago

well let me ask u a one question what kind of kung fu that u look for? i give u an exemple is it kind of wing ching or wushu cos i know some clubs in rabat.
and if u want any other information about kung fu i can give some techniqes self defense for exemple that the basisctechniques also i can teach how to do concentration for free .
if u want we can meet here is my number phone 06 67 46 32 77!
seeu soon

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Tola Akini, Colchester, GBR, 2 months ago

Hey guys

I thought i'd start a new thread about this!

I heard that there is a bus called Stareo that leaves from the airport and goes to the medina and costs 20dh.

Can someone confirm this please?

Also my flight arrives at around 9.30pm and i heard that there is a bus that leaves at 10pm.

Again can someone confirm this please?

Thankssssss! lol

Youssef Yamani , Rabat, MAR, 2 months ago

yeah the special shift bus is near to the train station ( in front of two pizzeria ) u will see the special parking bus and u will find the time there, but if u come from the airport, u need to go outside the airport in the parking car and then u look in your left and if u dont see the bus, wait until it comes ^^ usually it parked in the left ^^ and yes it's 20 dhs and for the night the last one is around 21h45

Tola Akini , Colchester, GBR, 2 months ago

Thanks, do you know when the last tram is? Also do you know if there is a timetable for the bus?
I'm wondering about the taxi to the tramway since i don't speak French nor Arabic, what do i say in case I miss the bus?