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There are 27 questions in Malaga, Spain

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Marti Trybusiewicz, Warsaw, POL, 2 months ago

Hola, voy a viajar desde Málaga y necesitare dejar ahí el coche por un tiempo, alguien me podría recomendar dónde es mejor hacerlo?

paco_b , Málaga, ESP, 2 months ago

Centro Comercial Plaza Mayor. Estás a una estación de tren del Aeropuerto y es un lugar donde siempre hay sitio para aparcar. Gratis.

MARBELLERO , Málaga, ESP, 2 months ago

La empresa mediterraneo funciona muy bien. Dejas el coche en su parking y te acercan al aeropuerto. Luego te recogen en aeropuerto. Cuesta 4 euros / dia.

Angel Terrón , Malaga, ESP, 2 months ago

Creo que la solución más cómoda y barata es la que dice paco, la del centro comercial. Está a una parada de tren. Tardas menos que desde la gasolinera del makro.

9 total anwers to this question

Leyla Babaeva, Moscow, RUS, 2 months ago

Hi guys!

I'm coming to Malaga tomorrow - sudden trip))!
Need your advise.

1) How much does a taxi from airport to city center cost? (I'm arrving at about 11 pm- don't think it is appropriate for train)

2) Is it long way from Maria Zambrano railway station to the city center? Google says it atke 20 minutes by foot, but I don't trust it :)

3) Any advises of where to stay and to eat? (prefer calm districts but now far from the center)

Million thanks beforehand! Gracias!)


Ole-Martin , Trondheim, NOR, 2 months ago

I can verify what Marjo and Daniel said, you can take the last train into the city centre, and you can use this site to find out the time tables.

The prices from the airport is quite expensive, but in the city it's much cheaper

Luis Losada , Valladolid, ESP, about 2 months ago

You can go by bus, is the number 120 benalmadena-torremolinos-Málaga


Issa Chiadmi , Tangier, MAR, 2 months ago

For the number 2 : 15 min in foot you must instal a Map in your phone

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MOZAIKA82, Edinburgh, GBR, 2 months ago


I am going on a bicycle trip in August, arriving in Malaga from UK. I am thinking of buying the bike in Malaga, something cheap I could just give away before returning to UK. Can anyone recommend some used bikes shop or maybe a local market in Malaga?
Many thanks

paco_b , Málaga, ESP, 2 months ago it is a very nice shop. Just their web page doesn't show what the really sell there. They repair bicycles and sell second hand articles.
Online you can find great deals in this page:

MOZAIKA82 , Edinburgh, GBR, 2 months ago

Hi paco_b,
wow, thanks a lot! That's very helpful

Kristophe Somer , Antwerp, BEL, 2 months ago

I have one and will not use t in august. So I could give it to your for rent, with a deposit as a guarantee...? It is a mointain bike for man, if you do not mind...

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Mauricio Pescio, , ARG, about 1 month ago

Hola a todos! estoy pensando en realizar una maestría en Málaga este año. Quería consultar cuál el costo de vida aproximado, de alojamiento, y si es factible conseguir algún trabajo como para sustentarme durante mi estadía, o algún consejo de dónde podría buscar información al respecto. Muchas gracias!!

Mayte Contreras , Valle del Guadalhorce, ESP, about 1 month ago

Puedes encontrar habitacion en pisos compartidos por 200 euros al mes cerca de la universidad. Mira en portal idealista, hay anuncios de alquiler de habitaciones y pisos y te haces una idea.
Trabajo dependerá de tu perfil, lo.mejor sera que investigues empresas y hagas autocandidatura.

Mauricio Pescio , , ARG, about 1 month ago

Muchas gracias Mayte y Marisol por la información! Y algún valor aproximado de cuánto dinero podría llegar a gastar por mes? Se que varía mucho según cada persona, pero un mínimo. Saludos y gracias.

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Marco Esposito, Napoli, ITA, 2 months ago

Hello everybody; as a fruit (especially tropical ones) lover, I've read that some of those are grown in Spain. I was wondering if they are widely available in the markets around Malaga or other near zones. Thanks in advance!! :)

Remi Moncayo , Málaga, ESP, 2 months ago

Hi Marco,

The only place where I've found tropical fruit is in a stand in the Atarazanas market but some can be quite expensive, still, worth it for every once in a while.

Marco Esposito , Napoli, ITA, 2 months ago

Thanks guys! Really looking forward to eating them! :)

Alberto Menjibar , Málaga, ESP, about 2 months ago


You should look for the origin of that, probably you found them cheaper and tastier. Tropical Coast, is the Granada one but, the East coast of Málaga has the same climate so tropical fruit grows over there. Try to go to Algarrobo Costa, Nerja, Frigiliana or farther (Almuñecar,Motril...) The travel has the enough worth even you didn´t find any fruit... XD amazing clear blue water beaches and so on.

The traditional market in Nerja is on Monday and in Algarrobo is on Thursday, in addition in Algarrobo you could visit this:

Good luck!