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Summer , Hong Kong, HKG, about 2 months ago

hı everyone .. ı have been ın ıstanbul for almost a month now. ı want to meet new frıends and people brıngıng me to do sports ! denız or any kınd of sports are welcome !

love, Summer

Bulent Yavuz , , TUR, 19 days ago

I am playing in the weekend in Maslak.(3 subway stations away from Levent)

If anyone interested, please let me know!


Murat Kaya , İstanbul, TUR, 22 days ago

If someone is close to Moda, let me know. We can play basketball anytime.

Dicle Kanay , , TUR, 14 days ago

I'm not so good at basketball but i like playing, if anyone wants to play with me in weekend days i can join the game ofc :)

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Tanya Orlova, Sevastopol, UKR, about 2 months ago

Hello, locals and guests of Istanbul. I am coming in the middle of August for several days, and need a transfer from an airport to a hotel. Could you, please, advice some cheap taxi and give the phone number of the taxi service I can order a car? And what the avarage price for the ride from Ataturk aiprort to Fatih, that I could plan my budget?)) Thank you in advance.

EOSSS , Istanbul, TUR, about 2 months ago

Uber is 100 TL (850 UAH) to the city anywhere.

Airport taxi or Bitaksi App would be about 60 TL (500 UAH) to Taksim square, a bit less to Sultanahmet Old Town. All taxis have meter and only single tariff, so they cannot really cheat yopu as long as they open the meter.

Havataş shuttle bus to Taksim square (with luggage space, 11 TL-100 UAH).

Subway to Old Town single ticket 4 TL (35 UAH). Istanbul Card, 6 TL deposit, 2.30 TL (20 UAH) for first ride, 1.65 TL for the next ride in 2 hours.

If you have any questions let me know.

Süleyman Doruk Dörücü , Istanbul, TUR, about 2 months ago

Try the app called "Bitaksi". I'm not sure if they are allowed to go into the airport, but that's what we usually use in order to travel with a taxi whose id we know. If they can't pick you up from the airport, you'll have to use one of the airport taxis.

Oral Sarisoy , , TUR, about 2 months ago

V Stambule est UBER! Eshe Bitaksi. Ya postoyanno edu kuda to s pomoshyu nih!

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Fatima, Maykop, RUS, about 2 months ago

Hi to everyone. I'll be soon in Istanbul for 3 days.(20/07- 23/07) Can you advise what I can visit there, I mean some imteresning places not for tourists. It will be great if somebody could show them )

Onur Demir , Istanbul, TUR, about 2 months ago

maiden's tower(not really necessary to go nearby, view of it's more beautiful from the uskudar than going nearby with a boat) , galata tower(midday and clear day to enjoy the view more) and pierre loti hill (before the sunset so you could watch the sunset and enjoy the view when the weather goes dark) . Topkapi palace for sure, Buyukvalidehan and the roof of the restaurants around fatih . These places are the best places to enjoy two continents meet eachother with a bosphorus.

Fatima , Maykop, RUS, about 2 months ago

Thank you Onur)

Dakwas Paulo , Istanbul, TUR, about 2 months ago

Yes,no problem i can help you to tour around the city sites of Istanbul. Places like Blue Mosque,Sultan Ahmet square( one explosion took place),Galata kule Tower just to name the few. i will beof your help.

Andromeda Martin, Istanbul, TUR, 24 days ago

Hola a todos hispano hablantes;

Somos 2 personas Latino Americanas y queremos ayudar a aquellos que desean mejorar su castellano/Spanish mientras paseamos y charlamos.

** I've decided to postponed the 2nd meeting due to posting it late and not enough people able to attend due to Byram break. I'll re schedule for 1 or 2 week's time. Sorry and thanks!

Para la 2a reunion, estaremos a las 13:30 en el antiguo y artisticamente decorado JULIUS MEINL cafe en Karakoy el sabado 10 de septiembre.

f you don't have my number yet, send me a PM and I'll pass it on.
** MAKE SURE YOU SEND ME A PM so I tell you where we are.

This is for people that already speak Spanish to at least a basic conversational level. It's a chatting group, so please no complete beginners because I'm not going to be able to teach from scratch. This is only a conversational/practice group.

Try no to be late, if you are, give me a call to know where we are and you can catch up! :o)
If anyone else is going to the meeting for sure and you don't mind writing your number here for others; Thanks!

These reunions will be held TWICE MONTHLY, but there might be slight changes.

Gorkem O. , Istanbul, TUR, 23 days ago

Count me in.


Sema KORKMAZER , Istanbul, TUR, 22 days ago

👍🏻 un lugar bien para quedarnos todos por primera vez! Nos vemos mañana.

cpsknbrkc , Istanbul, TUR, 22 days ago

Hola a todos, creo que yo también estaré allí.

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Azeeza R, Pretoria, ZAF, about 2 months ago

Azeeza R
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Hi Everyone.

So I want to spend a full day exploring the art galleries in Istanbul, plan on doing this the 1st July (Friday) - I checked out but it is mostly in Turkish and some links of art galleries do not work. The type of art I am into is the ones on - Pretty perfect! Does anyone here know of similar art galleries to this one? In/around Beyoglu?

I like thought provoking art, not just landscapes and aesthetically pleasing pictures. Also include museums on this day, so the museum of modern art is already on the itinerary!

Advice would be appreciated! And if anyone wants to join on the art-walk/exploring, and is available the 1st July, let me know.

Volkan Kalender , Kadikoy, TUR, about 1 month ago

Studyo Acik
Kamer Hatun Mah Çatıkkaş Sok: 21A
It's a cozzy art galeries little and dynamic which has fulfilled of art actively. And it has more than 25 member who lived in Istanbul. You can find opportunities talk and have a coffee with them. Say hello to Ozlem and Alp (owners)

Ahmet M , İstanbul, TUR, about 2 months ago

Hi! Can you google 'Cihangir art walk' Before they were doing these kind of activities.

Azeeza R , Pretoria, ZAF, about 2 months ago

Thank you! Saw there's an actual guided tour.