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Luc Podmolíková, , SWE, 2 months ago

Hi guys, I have a question about free parking in Gothenburg... I need find free parking for few days (14-17.11.) The best should be near bus station Utlandagatan... Can someone help me? Thanks ;) L.

nodas X , Athens, GRC, 2 months ago

The closest free parking in Göteborg is at Delsjömotet behind the bus station. But its free for only 24h. So you will have to go and move it a meter every 24h. By bus is 5 minutes from korsvagen.

Giorgio Torreggiani , Gothenburg, SWE, 20 days ago

Here you have some cheap parking places in Gothenborg
Indlandsgatan and Rambergsvallen/Lantmannagatan
By Dr Fries Torg you have three cheap parking places
Dr Bondessons Gata, Dr Heymans Gata and Skjutbanegatan

Leon_M12 , Gothenburg, SWE, 2 months ago

Free parking spots in Göteborg are as rare as Golden Oreos in a Swedish grocery store (they don't really exist). I just asked my friend who lives near Utlandagatan, and he's pretty sure that's a difficult thing to find. If you're lucky, some couchsurfer has an open paid parking spot for those days...

Lucas Gabriel Salina D Ovidio, Vejle, DNK, about 2 months ago

As the title says, I'll be driving up to Sweden for a 2 weeks trip. I'll be moving by car. As of now, I've plotted a high level route that I'll try to follow.
See the plan here:
Do you have any recommendations for places to visit, in these areas?
Interests wise, I'm leaning towards outdoors activities, nature daytrips / circuit trails, landmarks, museums.

* grabs popcorns *

- edit:
Thanks guys for all the comments! I just hit the road, and all of these recommendations will be very helpful!

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  • nature walks
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  • scenic routes

Erik Bernérus , Gothenburg, SWE, about 2 months ago

Trip in southern Sweden and you plan on visiting Härjedalen :D Anyways, I would skip the Tänndalen (Härjedalen) part, because it's a huge detour. At New Year, I drove from Göteborg to Vemdalen, which is close to Tänndalen, and it took 10-12 hours. 12 hours going back, because of the weather conditions. So yeah, consider skipping Tänndalen as you'll probably have seen enough trees by then anyway ;) Instead, I would recommend Tylösand which is a beach in Halmstad, the town Eksjö in Småland because of their wooden inner city, and the lake-systems in Dalsland (west of Vänern) and perhaps go canoeing in the lakes for a day or two there. Is the pin southwest of Askersund for the Tiveden national park? Because that's a very nice forest :) There's also a very nice national park in Skåne with a huge ravine which is called Söderåsens Nationalpark. And the pin on the west coast (aka best coast), is it for Marstrand or Smögen perhaps? Both are great places to go and very iconic for the western coast. If you want to see elks, you might do so on your trips in the national parks, but if you want to be sure to see them then there's an elk park in Bohuslän called Moose af Anneröd. Hope these tips helps you out a bit and have a great time on your trip!

Kristian and Maja Abrahamsson , Gothenburg, SWE, about 2 months ago

Go to Österlen, south-east part of Sweden, an area close to Ystad. Known for apple orchards and beatiful surroundings.

Johan Grönlund , Gothenburg, SWE, about 2 months ago

You should definitly see Läckö Slott which is located at the largest lake in Sweden, Vänern. Also I recommend seeing Göta Kanal which was built over 100 years ago trying to connect the west coast with the east coast. When you are at the east coast, check out Södra Ölands odlingslandskap (I'm writing all the names in sweden so it's easier for you to google): It's a world nature heritage. There is also a world heritage in Falun, a huge old copper mine. You know that we Swedes are known for our red houses. The paint originally comes from the copper mine. And take at least one or two days in Stockholm: It is absolutely one of the most beautiful cities in the world located on all the islands.

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Kostas & Myrto Koletsis, Gothenburg, SWE, 26 days ago

I am looking for people who are familiar with the climbing routes around the city of Gothenburg.
Any tips are also welcome!

  • rock climbing
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  • gothenburg

Laura van Balen , Partille, SWE, 19 days ago

There´s some good climbing in Partille too! My boyfriend and I got into climbing only a few months ago but if you guys are keen we could definitely meet up sometime and explore some routes in the area together :)

Eugene Korniyenko , Gothenburg, SWE, 21 days ago
Yes check out Utby :). Also, there are plenty of boulders at Hönö island, for rope climbing go to Aspen - it has a nice lake view.

Otto Silverstolpe , Gothenburg, SWE, 21 days ago

Check out Utby! :)

Jens Hallgren , , SWE, 20 days ago

Here's a map of Delsjön.

You can also contact friluftsfrämjandet for information on hiking paths or for organized hikes / paddling and more.

Vimbai , Gothenburg, SWE, 19 days ago

I highly recommend Vättlefjäll and Vättlefjällsleden, starting at Jennylund in Ale. The train from Gothenburg central station to Bohus station takes 13 mins, then take bus 401 to Jennylund (4 mins). For exact times you can check

Bengt Hellström , Gothenburg, SWE, 21 days ago

Lake Delsjön, Sisjön or Skatås and Härlanda tjärn, check Västtrafik for public transportation :)

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Nicholas Mcguire, Gothenburg, SWE, 2 months ago

can delete this also

Alejandro Valenzuela Roca , Gothenburg, SWE, about 2 months ago

My advice would be to start learning Swedish. It might not be absolutely necessary, but it is definitely a plus.

Also I'm assuming you mean April 2017, otherwise I hear Nobel prizes are good starting capital for a restaurant.. j/k ^^~

Nicholas Mcguire , Gothenburg, SWE, 2 months ago

Can anyone help me with this?

Jonne Frigan , Gothenburg, SWE, 2 months ago


I asked my friend who works as a chef and he said that you get around 140 kr/h. and one knife (that one you need) costs from 1200kr. if you wonder something more just ask!

i dont know how it works with visa but here is one link: