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There are 64 questions in Stockholm, Sweden

William Montilla, Helsingfors, FIN, 2 months ago

Hello everyone.

I'm going on early June to Stockholm from Helsinki. I'm traveling with my mom and we're not sure about the fastest and cheapest way to get to the city from there. all websites I found offer something I consider extremely expensive (more than 50 Euros each)....

So any advice would be more than welcome

Henrik Scheutz , Stockholm, SWE, 2 months ago

I tell all my guests: When arriving at Arlanda Airport: don't go with the expensive train or bus. Instead I advice you to get a transportation card for 1, 3 or 7 days and take local bus 583 to Märsta. From there you take the commuter train to the city, and don't have to pay anything extra.

Isak Albertsson , Stockholm, SWE, about 2 months ago

Book the buss online ans it vist 99 kr, 119 kr If you buy in The machine at the airport. Www.flygbussarna. se.
Sometimes They have offers on The fast train, but mostly on The least busy days or for ex. In The summer. . Check online. Mener take the cabs unless you really need to.
Cheapest is as the others said SL. But it takes for ever

AD War , Stockholm, SWE, 2 months ago

U can take public transportation, bus to Marsta station and pendeltåg from Marsta to stockholm. Its included if u purchased the SL transportation ticket
Or u can take bus, flygbussarna cost around 14 euro each....train most expensive cost 25 euro.. Taxi will cost 45 euro for all
Or if u wanna go cheap hitchhike some cars will stop after while

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Hakan, , TUR, 2 months ago

Hello all,

Is 72-hour card (priced 230 SEK) valid to use from Arlanda Airport to the city center, if so there a way to purchase online and get the card @Arlanda Airport?


Henrik Scheutz , Stockholm, SWE, 2 months ago

IT IS valid. I always go there with bus 583 to Märsta and then commuter train. You can now get it at Arlanda.

Isak Albertsson , Stockholm, SWE, about 2 months ago

You can buy the commuter vad in The pressbyrån ( convinient shops found in man places). Or 7-11. No extra charge other Thanks the already to high regular price.

Victor , Stockholm, SWE, 2 months ago

I think it's just easier to purchase it at the Arlanda Airport SL cashier as you still have to pay a fee of 85 SEK whenever you get to/from Arlanda and the SL system. So, it's valid but you have this extra fee if you get the pendeltåg from Arlanda's station.

What I've seen people do is take a bus from Arlanda to Märsta and then the train from there so you avoid paying the 85 SEK fee.

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Çağıl B., Ankara, TUR, 26 days ago

Hi guys! I will be in Stockholm on October. Here is the thing:

My plane will be there after midnight, almost 1 am! I heard that i can take the bus to Marsta and then it is easy to go centre. But what about after midnight? Are there any busses? I dont wanna give 45 euros to a taxi. I can go and see some extra museums. Please, help me :)

Thanks in advance.

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Erika Petersdotter , Stockholm, SWE, 25 days ago

Also (even though they might not run at night on weekdays) the commute trains (pendeltåg) stops at Arlanda so you dont have to take a bus to Märsta to get on them, you can get on them right at Arlanda. The fee is extra for Arlanda, but I imagine it will be the same as if you take the bus to Märsta and then on. Good luck!

Henrik Scheutz , Stockholm, SWE, 25 days ago

Others have replied, but I was going to reply that bus 583 goes every hour during night. Flygbussarna and the train are very expensive. I've never used them.

Anders Pemer , Botkyrka, SWE, 26 days ago

Buses from Arlanda to Märsta are one per hour during the nocturnal hours.

I guess you're aware of the other options, the Airport coaches and the Arlanda Express speed train, who are more costly. They have similar time tables during night time.

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Lisa Scherbatsky, Kassel, DEU, 2 months ago

Hey there! I will be in Stockholm on Friday and I'm searching for a traditional swedish restaurant in the City, which is not that much expensive. Can anybody give me any advice? :)

SommarDan , Stockholm, SWE, 2 months ago

My favourite is Pelikan on Södermalm ... they are mid price ... not cheap but not scaringly expensive neitherbeing given what they serve

Nita Huang , Stockholm, SWE, 2 months ago

I think restaurant Blå dörren/the blue door is nice, a pretty old place with nice lamb meatballs, duck, fish dishes. Main dish is around 145kr to 250 as I remember.

Etienne Namasu Ferreira , Sao Paulo, BRA, 2 months ago

Define "not that much expensive". Mäster Anders is really good for both lunch (they have a lunch menu) and dinner, this restaurant exists since de 1800's, the service is excellent, a starter is always included in the price.

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Ahuose Ehikhs, Paris, FRA, 2 months ago

Hello guys, I will be in Stockholm for about 4/5 days. Can anyone please recommend how i can find my way around town esp with the public transportation system? Is there any app i can use? Is it possible to buy travel cards and such? Any advise i can get will be very useful. Thanks!!!

Johan Bohlin , Stockholm, SWE, 2 months ago

Yeah, I use the "Sthlm travel" app, buy a 7-day travel card, accesses every mode of public transportation infinitely except the the toll at Arlanda. Public transport will get you anywhere. Just watch out for planned maintenance during the summer months.

Peder Gustafsson , Stockholm, SWE, 2 months ago

might give you some answers.
MVH Peder

SommarDan , Stockholm, SWE, 2 months ago might give u maps etc .....