At the heart of a scenic fjord in eastern Norway, Oslo is a modern, trendy capital city that will forever cherish its Viking roots. Visitors can start at the harbor in the heart of Oslo, where you’ll find the Rådhus (City Hall) and the 13th-century Akershus Fortress, which has never been captured by a foreign enemy in its long history. Set off from the harbor on the Ruter ferry for a great tour of the Oslofjord. The ferry is part of the public transportation system, and therefore quite affordable.

A bit further down the waterfront is the Oslo Opera House, with intersecting inclines that allow visitors to walk to the top of the roof without climbing a single stair. Make your way to Vigelandsparken to see the 212 bronze and granite naked human sculptures, centered around the 46-foot-high Monolith. After that, head to the Bygdøy peninsula to see the open-air Norsk Folkemuseum and the Viking Ship Museum, which houses a well-preserved Viking ship and some amazing artifacts from the Viking age.

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