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There are 65 questions in Oslo, Norway

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Merve Genel, Cukurcayir, TUR, 3 months ago

Hello people. It is really hard to find a couch in Oslo so I will check cheap hostels. Any idea pls. I will stay just two nights. 21-23 july.
Thank you.

Arthur Reznik , , RUS, about 2 months ago

Hej ))) I`m planing to visit Oslo 30Stp for 1 night. Kindly ask you to advise me a cheap host... Or may be u could provide me 1 bed for 1 night?)

Merle Strätling , Oslo, NOR, 3 months ago

Hi Merve, everybody is on vacation in Norway in July, that might be the reason why it is hard to find a place. Have you checked Anker hostel? I am not sure if is cheap, but it is at least very central.

Georgia Espinosa , Oslo, NOR, 3 months ago

I sent you a private message. :)

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NowayNorway, Suldal, NOR, 3 months ago

I am planing to take a plabe from Oslo in summer and i am worried a bit what i should do with my car. If you are in my aplace, where you would park it for thoae 4 weeks you are off?
Isthere anybody with a parking place and no car in Oslo? So i could leave it there maybe? You couldn't drive it i am sorry but i can bring you something from holiday.

Eskil , Dombås, NOR, 3 months ago

Are you flying from OSL (Gardermoen)? If yes, I would not park in Oslo but in one of the smaller towns outside the city, like Eidsvoll. Maybe next to a train station if it is legal to leave a car there for so long. There is of course always some danger connected to leaving the car like that.

There are long term parking places fairly near the airport who specializes in customers in your situation, but that will of course cost money

Peder Ydalus , Oslo, NOR, 3 months ago

You could also consider "Nabobil", which is like Airbnb for cars. Someone is destined to take care of your car, it's insured, and you'll make money from the rental in the process:


NowayNorway , Suldal, NOR, 3 months ago

Doubt somebody will rent it for 4 weeks.
But great idea!!

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Mika Yli-Mäyry, Tampere, FIN, 3 months ago

Can someone tell me top 3 public ice swimming places with sauna?

Bjørnar Engebretsen , Oslo, NOR, 3 months ago

Does we have anyone?

Mika Yli-Mäyry , Tampere, FIN, 3 months ago

Hotell stuff told me today, that there isnt one in Oslo.

Dörthe Jäschke , Hønefoss, NOR, 3 months ago

There is an icebathing-club located at Frysja kunstnersenter (behind the technical museum) - they have a sauna, and are bathing in the river Aker just behind the house- but I think you need to contact them . :)

They are called "Frysja isbaderforening"


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Kirsi Leminen, Helsinki, FIN, 3 months ago


Heading to Oslo on the 22nd for the weekend, any tips on what to see and where to go?

Not necessarily that into museums etc, would rather like to explore some nice places and take in the atmosphere. :)

Thanks in advance!


Guy Huste , Oslo, NOR, 3 months ago

Hello Kirsi,
Also, if you walk along the Aker river, going north, you will get to the Sunday market at Blå. Very artsy area.
My favourite place is the Vigeland Park (Frognerparken). It is outside, for free, and has 200 statues. Very beautiful.
The Opera House and Akershus fortress are also very nice, and for free.

DE.FILIPOWICZ , Oslo, NOR, 3 months ago

Hey! If it will be good wather I can recommend you Vigeland Park, Aker Brygge and Akershus Castle, Karl Johans Gate which leads to the King residence. Those places are most popular places in Oslo. More quiet are Bygdoy and Ekeberg Park, from where you have the view for Oslo Centre and fjords. On the other side you have Frognersenteren, where is also nice view and Holmenkollen.
Everywhere you can go by bus, metro or tram :)

Good luck, enjoy your time in Oslo!

Eskil , Dombås, NOR, 3 months ago

For cafes and authentic Oslo life, check out the Grünerløkka area. More upmarket but very nice is the area Aker Brygge/Tjuvholmen

4 total anwers to this question

Sara Kasprowicz, Warsaw, POL, 3 months ago

Hi everyone :)

I'm organizing workshops and meditative meetings in English such as 'Eye Contact Meditation' or guided meditations 'Conscious of Consciousness' on enquiring into our deepest true nature.

I'd like to organize them in Oslo, do I'd like to ask you guys - do you know places that such meetings take place? Yoga clubs / workshop areas / meditation places etc.? Places that could be open for hosting and co-organizing such events.

Many thanks

Anna Rømcke Høiseth , Oslo, NOR, 3 months ago

Maybe go and ask in the town hall. They might know some places.

Also, this is a long shot, but there's this Vegan restaurant that is open on Sunday-Freday 12:00-19:00 where I think I saw an event being held once outside of those opening hours (maybe on a Saturday). You could go and ask there. You'll find it at Akersgata 74 . It's called Vega: http://www.vegafairfood.no/

I'd also be very interested if you got something going.

Aasa_Bergem , Oslo, NOR, 3 months ago

Hi Sara.
I have a space that is perfect for this, and already arrange some workshops there myself. Contact me if you're interested in coming to see it and have a talk about it.
:) Åsa

FLUFFYCLOUD , Oslo, NOR, 3 months ago

Unity near youngstorget hosts a lot of these kinds of events