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Noelia Rodriguez Otero, Santiago de Compostela, ESP, about 2 months ago

We're young and stupid. We've rented a car in Hertz (we've already paid) and we found out a credit card is request.

We don't have Credit Card, just a prepaid credit card, a Visa Electron, a Visa Debit Card and a Mastercard Debit Card - gosh, so many useless cards!

Do you happen to know where we can rent a cheap car from 1st April - 4th April - with no credit card??
(It would be awesome in Bergen City Center)

Thanks so much,


Christian Dahl , Bergen, NOR, about 2 months ago

Are you sure you cannot use any of the cards that you have stated? Ive used Visa Debit cards with rental cars companies before without a problem. Ive gotten credit cards in only a few minutes when going to a bank , so it shouldnt be a problem to acquire one quickly.

Noelia Rodriguez Otero , Santiago de Compostela, ESP, about 2 months ago

Yes, I'm sure. After read the freshly printed rental condition we call Hertz a lot of times: trying by giving them few debit cards or paying more or any other option. They always said no.

Tomorrow I'm requesting a credit card but in service call center they told me a few days are needed - I'm leaving on Sunday. We'll see.

Luckily, I found an old Visa Clip, it has a 600€ limit but hopefully, it will works if I can't get another one.

Thanks for the answer.

Crossing fingers

ALEJOBEPA , Bergen, NOR, about 2 months ago

You can try calling rent-a-wreck

Miriam Homer, Munich, DEU, about 2 months ago

Hey there people of beautiful Bergen!

We are going to travel Norway this winter holidays, yeah!
As we come from a bit different parts of the world (I´m German, my friend is Russian) and have never ever been to Norway before, we are aware that it´s a bit pricy there...
But we hope to get some cool advices here from you, to survive and have an amazing time.
Any information might be really helping us a lot, so please don´t hesitate, we´d be super glad about it!

1) What are the must-see places from a non-touristic point of view?

2) Are there any free or cheap places to see some art or listen to some music? We're really passionate about it

3) Do you have any karaoke bars where we can sing some songs in English? (that's, probably, the most important question as we're both kinda fond of karaoke bars)

4) Any suggestion about small authentic (and relatively cheap) bars would be appreciated a lot! (we know it might be hard to speak of cheap, but at least...well...affordable)

5) Any kind of suggestion in general considering what to do and to see would be also highly valued!

6) Are there any free activities or cool places without admission like museums without entrance fee or something that won´t harm our budget?

7) As we are mostly going to visit big cities or capitals we really hope to be able to escape the crowds and city lights for a bit and do maybe some day trips to the nature starting from Bergen.
Maybe there are some nice surroundings close were we could easily get without having a car.
Maybe to do some hiking (yeah, it´s winter, I know...) maybe better to say walking around or just see some beauty out in the wild.

Thanks a lot, really!

P.S. And if anybody is free during the time we'll be in the city (from 10th till 14th of January) and wants to hang out with two young people from different countries or maybe, wants to host us, feel free to write a pm to us!

Thanks again!

Marie Collet , Bergen, NOR, about 2 months ago

Hi Miriam!
1/ the mountains, I would recommend you to go a bit around bergen, take the train for 2 stations (cheap) and walk around; visit sotra and its archipelago, etc. There are many mountains you can start walking from the city.
2/ I can't help much about that, there are a lot of things happening though! you can check this group for concerts
3/ I ve been karaoke in Vågen, people are around 50 years old but it s very good fun though ;)
4/ I think there is no cheap bar unfortunately... I really like bar bar barista, dwell and klosteret
6/ I don't think it's the best city for museums... and there is nothing for free in norway, sorry! I would skip museums unless it s really really a crappy weather
I can't host you but will be around, we can hike together if you want!

Julie Bergmann , Bergen, NOR, about 2 months ago

If you're a student, Kaos has really cheap beer and wine on Tuesdays and Thursday's! Even if you're not a student the prices are fair. You should check out Hulen too. Zachen pianobar has karaoke, but I've never been. I would also recommend my two favorite cafes in town, Krok of Krinkel, a book cafe, and Chillout, a travel cafe. In winter it could be worth it to buy cheap plastic snow sleds, hike up Fløyen and sled down :)
For music and art, im not sure but I know that Cafe opera has live music or art nights on Thursdays I think.

For finding cheap or free events I would download the app BergenPuls! Let's you know where and when things are happening in Bergen :)

Miriam Homer , Munich, DEU, about 2 months ago

Thank you so much guys, that´s great input!
I suppose we´ll be really busy in Bergen.

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Krzychu Karwowski, Grudziadz, POL, about 2 months ago

Hi, people of the most rainy city in the world. Could u tell me what's wrong with the university museum and when it will be opened for visitors? I'll be so glad for any infos - it's important scientifically.

Greetings from Gdansk

Tatiana P , Bergen, NOR, about 2 months ago

which one do you mean?
there are natural and historical. Natural is under reconstruction as i know.

Luca Costantini , Bergen, NOR, about 2 months ago

Cultural history collection is open daily during the summer time, while the natural history collection is closed because under renovation.

Krzychu Karwowski , Grudziadz, POL, about 2 months ago

Thanks :)

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Grisha Kotler, Hadera, ISR, about 2 months ago


I'll be in Bergen around the 24th of September and plan to go Trolltunga and then go north to Myrdal and to Jotunheimen Park. Does anyone want to join me?
I'm open to any ideas and flexible about the dates.

Boris Divjak , Postira, HRV, about 2 months ago

Hey Grisha, if the weekend 26-27 is dry, I'd def be up for Trolltunga or some combination of what you put together. Even possibly Friday 25th is doable. Are you thinking of daytime hikes, or overnighting with tents? I can do either. Boris

Grisha Kotler , Hadera, ISR, about 2 months ago

Only daytime hikes. I sent you a PM.

Stephanie , Frankfurt am Main, DEU, about 2 months ago

Hi guys, have you planned any hike in the end? I will be in Bergen those days aswell and might be interested in joining. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Marie Collet, Bergen, NOR, about 2 months ago

I would like to do some kayak in a fjord with a friend of mine; we have already done Gudvangen, is there any other place where it's possible to rent kayaks? And maybe (let's dream) for a more reasonable price?
Tusen takk!

Tormod Olsen , Bergen, NOR, about 2 months ago

I don't know if this site is updated:

The camping by the fjord in Lærdal rents out a canoe for what I think was a reasonable price.

Weather forecast looks good - you should have a few nice days ahead of you. Enjoy! :-)

Marie Collet , Bergen, NOR, about 2 months ago

Great! Thanks a lot, we will try to find how to reach that place then :)